The First (Legit) Campaign Survivor : Krystal


So uh yeah pretty much by the tittle you know what is it .

During the time spand of 3-4 days since it was released i was a bit conserned . But ok i guess its fine . BUT HEAR ME OUT ON THIS! From the Lost Valley to OverLords Den , these AI mechs are near impossible! Like wha-? they have 800-1000 HP! plus their damage is increased by 2 or 3 tiems. HP and Revives are required.

Basically if you want to take on this , good luck with that , ispent 24+ hours IN GAME beating this , and the reward is unsatysfying , a gold is not enough , maybe 2 yeah.

Also heres a pic of the proof , i posted it on my brothers twitter cause i can xD

Dont judge my bros name k?

And uh yeah , the rewards are not worth it , and the enemies are hard. Nerf the enemies and ill rebeat the campaign :slight_smile:

PS : No i wont beat that again , it was pure nightmare .


It’s pretty easy if you have a way crazy mech. I’m not saying the normal ones used in ladders but mechs like this
(my build btw):

I’ll just overheat them since Big Boy doesnt have that much cooling.


Big Boy on insane / hard is unbalanced 1K to 1.4K HP and his weapons range around 200-400 damage , you gotta get lucky to over heat him in the first place


hm, i dont playing in new campaign, but this so interesting. maybe i make vid how to beat bigboss


Good luck Kig , the big boy on insane is near impossible , you need a heat mech.


His needle blasters are the best option of being shot. It can damage you 80 - 90 but overall he can damage you (using 2 needles and drone) around 170 - 190


Hello krystal… Metal shredders usually do over 300 damage to god modes and that’s only with mark 1s… Nice to still see a member of reign here…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Freak campaigns… I do ladder anyway…


The bigboy can kill you in 4-5 shots. thats it


Can you show us your mech? Maybe we can give some tips and some slight improvements :slight_smile:


double lava spray and heat axe. gg no re.


Lava Scope , Meltdown hammer and 2x lava sprays with magma barriers.


Definitely needs better rewards!!!
The campaign on easy friggin gave mythical boxes and fusion kits. But the harder ones give crappy gold boxes? half of them dont even give mythicals.


i just finished it on normal mode probably but it doesnt let me pass to the next mode level idk why


Maybe u have to beat them all on normal before hard?


You have to beat normal all . then hard all and then insane etc.


i beat every mission on normal mode, even yellow and red missions, on normal mode my progress is 100% as the game says but it still isnt setted on hard mode, is this a bug? if yes then i hope it will be fixed soon bc i just lost 360 tokens for nothing in the “great summer sale”:disappointed:


ok, i update the game so i have the new campaign, i see openents weps are overpowered, but lol, how much distance can the buggies walk lol