The extra fuel reward 14.01


Today we are having an extra fuel event! It means that although the battles will be fierce you will have enough energy to withstand any number of enemies :slight_smile:


Umm… late…


Why don t you combine those with events like item, gold, paint portals?

That would be cool


Extra fuel or extra energy? i didn’t understand nothing at all…


Fuel = energy.

Cool event :grin:




For me there was no extra fuel … it was the same as every day:

  • I started the day with 81 fuel (same as always)

  • I play Overlord 2x2 in normal mode, costs me 10 fuel today (same as always)

  • Refill with 30 tokens and again I had 81 fuel (same as always)



They refill faster

Normally takes 5 minutes for 1 fuel… this means it’s 5 minutes for 2 fuel


ahhhh… ok… thank u! That desire to complicate things! It was not easier to recharge the double …? Why are we going to make it simple if we can make it difficult?