The Exploding Effect

Now we all know the classic exploding effect in SM. Iv been wondering about it, and wanting to make some changes
#1 The color should be different according to the type of mech. Energy- Blue exploding effect
Phys- Yellow Heat- Red
The sparks and orbs that fly off mechs when damaged are a little old. Maybe something new and more detailed?


es buena la idea, pero tendría que ser relacionado con el torso, no con la build, ya que, hay build híbridas o de todo un poco y eso complicaría bastante

Good point. Thats one downside of the idea…

I like both ideas, especially the exploding one


explosions are fiery and normal bombs dont have curprous/sodium compositions

i’d rather they change the death animation so the mech’s torso explodes from the inside a little bit then does a big explosion afterwards, instead of making the parts explode one by one