The evolution of my mech

3 months playing in this update and I feel like everything was yesterday is like my first 3 mechs

I used to think it was a very strong mech but when I reached the 10th rank I changed all the mech you had mythical items I could not against them so to defend myself I created a mythical nightmare torso together legs of heat and a heat weapon that in the old SM was kind heat I decided to honor my old account and create “The Romeo Blue” when avia created such an effective battle mech I thought it was easy but those hopes ended when I saw my own copy of my mech just so much better with two magma blast I killed so easily who would not win with two mitic rank weapons completely level for me it was a death blowAfter knowing that it was not only in rank 10 with such powerful weapons, I decided to take some time and get epics for my next project. That was the moment where I got my first windigo after getting such a good torso I did not know what to improve but it was the only one way to make sure that my mech was stable of energy so I improved it to mitico it hurt me a lot to lose 2 GrimmReaper and other valuable items and after that create the Mark 1 Romeo blue 2.0 this goes for many many people who are play friends there is a 99% chance of deleting this topic, I do not know if it is possible to erase but good

Hey,Atleast you can reach 10th Rank with no sweat,i, as a phys build, need to fight heat and other phys build and poorly or bad elec builds, fighting a good or strong heat/elec build for me is a no go

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And i recommend you to use any knockback weapons like the terror cry or the abbomination ( if you have them ) The chance aren’t high but you would die against close range mechs with swords.

like mine -.-

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