The epic coochie war

The last century was an era of evolution, for the mankind. We deciphered unconventional secrets camouflaged in various methods, unfortunately our historians weren’t particularly tempted to unravel the tale of this epic battle since they presumed it to be a facetious portion of our society. But I, a valuable character in the German chat and also a Veteran is well aware of this incident and obviously, keen on conveying this to the wiser side of the internet.

• it was the 90s, primping was at the verge of sweeping the entire nation and people were naturally afraid of cooties.
The pumpkin medallion was what the majority expected to spot each Halloween night, the “pumpkin medallion” simply means, an orange moon on a hallow night, according to the myth you could make love at the exact same night So there I was back to back with Jesus bible in one hand ak47 in the left ready to bless these thots with the divine sauce so I yelled Jesus I’m out of ammo. I’ve never seen a Mexican throw a sandal so fast in my life I killed over 600 prostitutes in the orphanage that day it went down in history as the great Coochie war.

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