The end of the world is here

norhing else to say, steam servers are down, my life has no sense now. the end of the world

Oh no.

Oh my God I’m ended

oh wait no, I’m not haha (bonus point if someone has my reference)
I don’t have steam acc

Who care about steam lol

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It’s a slightly more reputable service than the EPIC (fail) Store, that’s for sure

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Just get your games via a physical game store, or use XD

That’s sponsoring wth you doing

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well at least I still have Robocraft on my launcher for nostalgia and decorative purposes (anyone know what I’m talking about?)

Remove the <> , they are useless (I think)

I’m not sponsoring

That’s the only online “game shop” that I know and sticked with XD

Get up lazy fat boy, your money pyramid is reckt


Oi u called me mayte

Not you, but Gabe the fat dude of the volvo corp

Yes i liek my steam car


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Volvo, my favorite developers who created awesome games like “Yelling-For-Medic Simulator 2” and “Shoot Gun to Solve Problem” 1 and 2

Hey I really like the Epic Games Store. I’ve gotten 216 hours from Enter The Gungeon, 13 from Batman: Arkham Asylum, 11 from Batman: Arkham City, and 11(so far, not done yet) from Batman: Arkham Knight. I got them all for free.

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They still have scummy practices, and even turn back on their own claims. Here’s an example. People were able to get Subnautica for free due to a server side glitch, and Epic Games immediately removed all copies. seems reasonable, except one of their claims was that if any purchase was made, even through a bug in the Epic Store’s servers they would not remove it from the user.
And by US law, even something obtained for free can be considered a purchase

I didn’t know any of that. I just play the free crap.

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not to mention snapping up any reasonably good game and forcing people that want to play it to only be able to buy it from them until a certain date. That’s honestly not a company I believe is worthy of support, as that is a scummy practice that threatens to monopolize games. Steam had a lot of exclusives, but it was because it was one of the most well-known platforms, making it one of the most accessible, and most profitable. I’m not saying steam is perfect, but I’m saying Epic Games is a scummy company that threatens pc gaming as a whole