The Easter is coming! Are you going to do something about it?


Ello it’s ya boi…Now as you might know the EASTER is coming.Soo i was wondering if you could make it something special @Sarah247 @Mohadib? If you do please replay to me thank’s.

  • Yeah we want something special for easter!
  • I uhh…i don’t care.
  • No! I don’t want something special about it!

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Also please tell me what do you think and what would you like about free stuff’s about easter.


I find political dissident, and western spy, and report them to glorious leader STALIN

There is only one star in this galaxy

It is located directly above the hammer and sickle, where Stalin resides


Ahah didnt see that coming. Could have been danker tho


Long day of school, my dankness capacity is a bit low


I think many a free premium box would be nice for easter of mabe a portal.


Maybe an Easter Egg for SuperMechs …

or like this …

Easter Egg 2


OH! I have an idea!
What if is…there a way that you can get rabit’s ear from supermech (the visual one) I hope that idea is amaizing for me.Oh and some free premium boxes as well


Hopefully this do not happen to the Easter Egg …

Easter Egg 3


2 cute 4 me




Yep.the rabbit’s ear would look great with @Fluxeon 's mechs




We want something special for easter.

  • But not a sale,not a 25% plus tokens and not another destructive update.

Like a portal!

  • But not a classic,average gold protal.
  • Maybe an item or PERK portal.

Or something else,like an event!

  • But not the raffle ‘‘come on,pay’’ event.

They gave us nothing for Christmas when they used to give 2 pb’s regularly on holidays.
We want something,as listed above! (yeah,I’m talking collectively)


  • Agreed.
  • Disagreed.

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what i would want mabye to happen is like a special Easter special weapon


I’d want my Demise (edited,of course) implemented,or @XDiego’s most recent work,either as a drone or a side
A new item would be great.


Diegos design could be the face puncher, since it looks like a fist and has the barrel of the face shocker


But dude,if it was to be edited a little to correct the minor perspective mistakes,this thing would be one of the most badass weapons/drones out there.


And physicals would have a good new item!


What would you rather have for Easter?

  • Free Premium Box
  • New Item Portal

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3 Premium Packs :exclamation: