The Earth is not flat but Hollow


After seeing Kean post about that stupid flath earth theory that makes no sence… have i dicided to take the role of showing all of you the true shape of our earth

For many years it was believed that the earth was hollow, but even though many have come up with theories, until 1968 there was no proof.

That year, pictures taken by a satellite orbiting Earth clearly showed a gaping hole located at the North Pole; enough evidence to support the hollow Earth theory according to many.

  1. Is there a hole in the North Pole?

In the early 1970’s, ESSA, a project belonging to the Department of Commerce of the United States, gave media access to images of the North Pole taken by the ESSA-7 satellite on November 23, 1968.

One of the photographs showed the North Pole covered by the usual cloud; the other one showed the same area without clouds, revealing a huge hole where the pole was supposed to be located.

The hole is so ridiculously large that it almost makes no sense, yet here it is:

Personally, I believe that the image was intentionally blackened by NASA, but what could it possibly hide?

  1. Vice Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the US Navy was a distinguished pioneer aviator and polar explorer who flew over the North Pole on May 9, 1926 and led numerous expeditions to Antarctica, including a flight over the South Pole on 29 November 1929.

Between 1946 and 1947, he and his team carried out a large-scale operation called “High Jump”, during which he discovered and mapped 1,390,000 km² of the Antarctic territory.

The famous Byrd expeditions first entered in dispute of the hollow Earth theories when several articles and books like Worlds beyond the Polesby Amadeo Giannini claimed that Byrd had not flown over the Pole but inwardly through large holes leading into the Earth.

You can read all accounts about Agartha and Admiral’s Byrd expeditions here.

  1. The possibility that the earth is hollow, and that it can be accessed through the North and South poles, and that secret civilizations flourish within it, has spurred the imagination of people through centuries.

Evidence of this we find in the history of countless ancient civilizations. The Babylonian hero Gilgamesh visited his ancestor Utnapishtim in the bowels of the earth.

In Greek mythology, Orpheus tries to rescue Eurydice from the underground hell. It was said that the Pharaohs of Egypt communicated with the underworld, which could be accessed via secret tunnels hidden beneath the pyramids.

Buddhists believed (and still believe) that millions of people live in Agharta, an underground paradise ruled by the king of the world.


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