The Earth is flat




yo what the ■■■■


It’s the “Endgame”


  • Notice most of them looking up in defiance
  • It’s all about Rebellion bro
  • Where’s your heart?

Three last clues and then I’m done with this thread

  • Nephilim, Book of Enoch, Matt 24:37

Peace Bros


(plz flag it)


I didnt expect my pic of xmen to go through this deep. Hats down Joe.
Thats MARVELous…


why is this topic still relevant?

belive in what you want and stop that cancerous arguing, what the ■■■■.


Yes, this thread is surely causing you physical pain.


Thanos is evil though. He kills people

Although I honestly cannot argue with someone who is now trying to decipher a shitty movie as evidence.


but don’t the avengers fight off the demons that come from hell or whatever?

I’ll be honest, that film bored the shit out of me so I’m only like 25% certain of the general plotline.


The things they were fighting literally plowed through buildings and murdered some innocent folk and whatnot


at the risk of talking about two texts which I have not sufficiently analysed, doesn’t God also kill people? and the avengers do too I think? I mean I guess it depends which people you kill.


yeah I mean that giant snake thing seems pretty demonic and hulk smashes that thing pretty good.


Well, the group of superhero bros kill the demons that attack the Earth, while big blue man throws his daughter off a cliff


to be fair god had abraham butcher his own son with a knife to prove the strength of his faith. some real psychotic shit in the old testament.


He actually stopped him before he did it


its a shame my heathen parents never took me to church or I’d know this shit. atleast I’m baptised though so I just need to acknowledge christ on my death bed and its GG.


but wait, why was this crazy ■■■■ going to kill his son anyway then? so he thought “well, time to slit my eldest son’s throat” untill the voices in his head said “dude, stop.”? this abraham fellow is starting to freak me the ■■■■ out.


It is about Faith, apparently

only smart people get this


Is that red dead redemption?


Breaking news, Beresheet missed its moon landing.
Coincidance? I think not