The Earth is flat


None of those theories are proven

  • But they are taught in public schools as if they are fact

I choose to go with the previously accepted FACTS rather than these unproven THEORIES…

Note that none of these have the word theory in front of it… Creation, Flat Earth and Geocentrism


umm just wondering are any of you serious about this?


Articles ^ Published at universities.

If you want to disprove them and the credibility of these university.

Show me your equations, your calculations, and your evidence. Become an Instructor and enlighten us about Flat Earth. =)




Mathematics is quite simple

There are objects that you should not be able to see, if the earth’s supposed curvature is in the way…

The fact that you can see them, proves the earth is NOT curved…

Pay attention if you really want the truth on this…

This Math is proved consistently over and over with lighthouses, mountains, other high objects, and bodies of water

From Eric Dubay, 200 proofs…













Simple Math dude… there’s way more examples
You just refuse to accept
Here’s the complete link


i received high amounts of stupidity


All of these can be solved my attaching a photo of yourself standing on a flat popsicle. Now get a make a square out of that. Sides= #of Popisicle +2. Popisicles=P. The minimum sides is 3 which is a triangle.

As Sides> Infinity and The shape is not concave, the Polygon eventually looks like a circle.

However, the circle is made of many flat popisicles. So the question is a matter of whether or not flat earther have the correct perspective to view? Or will their universe be narrow forever? Only time can tell.


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No need to repeat the mantra
We’ve heard it all before…

Billions and Billions of years ago… blah, blah, blah!
Repeated so often on documentaries, textbooks, movies that it gets entrenched in the brain as if true

The first eye was a light sensor to let single celled aquatic creatures know if they were close to the surface, or deeper underwater.


These are called mutations. Sometimes they do nothing, sometimes they kill. However, when they are helpful, they pass on.

“Similarly, Michigan State University evolutionary biologists Richard Lenski and his colleagues searched for signs of evolution in bacteria for 20 years, tracking 40,000 generations.3 In the end, the species that they started with was hobbled by accumulated mutations, and the only changes that had occurred were degenerative.”

Mutations are harmful. The amount of mutations required to evolve a bacteria into a human are mathematically impossible. You believe lies.

100 Years of Fruit Fly Tests Show No Evolution

For evolution evidence, here is one big thing:
Every. Single. Limbed animal has the same limb structure:
one strong bone, two bones below it, and then a cluster of smaller bones for the wrist and hand. Every single limbed land animal on Earth has this. Why?

That’s your evidence?!? That just shows a common designer

The fossil of a transitional species called Tiktallik was discovered. It was a fish. However, it had one thing. It has bony fins, that allowed it to host itself up on land, and move just a little bit. And what was the bone structure, you ask?
One stronger bone, two bones, then a cluster of bones for the wrist. Same that every limbed animal has today.

Oh, here’s another transitional form for you…


Oh wait… it’s still alive today!



So are black holes flat?


can meteors make holes in earth?

or can it flip the earth??


Explain this without evolution/mutations:

Check mate.


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Over 70 years of programming (TV, comics, Hollywood) and they still don’t see it…

Look up something called “lesser magic”

  • They actually tell you your situation, so that they are not responsible for your free will choice. You will willingly follow the enemy

Infiniity War = the war that determines your eternity
Thanos = their version of God, “arbitrarily” wipes people out
Avengers = rebellion against God, acquiring powers for yourself (via witchcraft, tech implants, DNA manipulation)

Ronald Reagan in front of the UN, 1987:


They have an agenda:


Hell is flat well i guess earth is flat


There are transitional forms alive today, you know. The seal, for example. Transitioning into water.

I would like to see the source of the Michigan State University study as well. Quoting it from another website does not count.

Oh, and by the way: Trolibites lived 500 million years ago. A fraction of the 3.9 billion life span time has been existent.

Oh, and, btw: It has been chemically proven that the Earth is 4 billion years old.


I will try to help you the last time, if you stil ignore it, it make no sense to try to help you, in that case you are a lost case …

  • only because SOME things are fake, does NOT mean ALL and EVERYTHING is fake :exclamation:

  • there is no such a “group” leading the world

  • the “system” (governments, politics, richest businessmen, most intelligent scientist, etc.) itself make the rules for all of us

  • that the rules are broken in many many many cases and that some governments, politician, businessmen don’t have to hold the rules for themself is an OTHER story

I would suggest for you, to stop watching youtube videos for 1 year and instead go running 3 times a week and watch how the world is for real during doing it :exclamation:



You clearly know nothing about genetics. Mutations are not automatically bad. Mutations are base pairs in DNA getting misplaced or removed. This codes for different amino acids, therefore synthesizing different proteins, and changing the way certain things are structured.


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