The Earth is flat


there is nothing “in between” us and that ape. there is only a common ancestor. both that ancestor and the “inbetween” steps between us and that ancestor are dead. just as the inbetween of that ape and the common ancestor is dead and all that remains is us and that ape, suited to our unique environments.


So you knew all along.
Youre probably one of them.

Im on the hollow earth side of the spectre when it comes to conspiracy though. Much funkier.


I think the jig is up dude. These dudes are finally letting go of balloons and disproving my created hoax of gravity. After the billions of dollars and hundreds of years I put into this hoax, including the entire governments I have manipulated, I never thought once that the bastards would ever let go of a helium balloon. My whole plan is failing.

They also found out that I hid secret messages in the NASA logo just for kicks. Should’ve known


You forgot about the whole layout of Washington D.C.
Now that we can see it with satelite view, you cant cover it up anymore.

Wait… … Shet.


If you ever played Civ Beyond Earth, I like to think the plotline is about Scientist leaving flat Earthers behind to become spacefaring Humans. One of the goals for victory is conquering enough new technology to “Enlighten the Homeworld”. Basically murder the people of homeworld “earth” who stayed behind with your new found technology.


none of the new civ games hold a candle to civ 5 imo. they simply fail to capture me in the same way. civ 5 isn one of those games you can find yourself playing to 6 AM without even realising it was past midnight, civ BE and civ 6 just havent captured that same magic. thats pretty off-topic, but we’ve already diverged from the orginal flat Earth debate quite a lot now anyways.


I still play civ 5. There are some civs I have not played enough of. =)


If the earth is flat what can earthquakes do?


Holy shit. Why did I never think of using this evidence against him


Today, first picture of a black hole. I wonder if the thing is flat, or even exists. We dont see on the picture.

Edit: out of scientifical ethics burst, i asked my good friend google. Would you believe that “black hole”, in the ancient YMCA civilization, meant a##s for the h@#@%$&€¥l community.
They do really push it with the brain waching.


April 10 2019 : Scientists observe tangible evidence of black hole.

Also April 10 2019 : Flat Earthers exists. :slightly_smiling_face:


You suckers will believe anything…

A lot of you are slow learners, but it’s good that many others are starting to see through this NASA garbage…

NASA’s trolling you all… that black hole represents something you’ve seen before… it’s a pity most of you don’t know what it means, even when it’s right in front of you…

Eye of Sauron



You realized it’s not nasa but and international organization that organized viewing telescopes. It required different viewpoints because the Earth is round. Kekeke

You gotta realize Nasa is Rip long time ago.

I facepalm everytime you mention Nasa cause they don’t do anything in regards to observation groundside.



How convenient… confirming a conception…
Just like fake moon landings “confirm” their conception of the Heliocentric THEORY



No we’re not, you’re just one of those people that refuse to learn…


im getting cancer from this


Seriously =) Science is a wealth of knowlegde to behold. Since Flat Earthers do nothing but berate other people and not provide any tangible evidence. The moment they try to use logical judgement it backfires as logic is an inherent law of Science. So all they can do is retreat back to their internet memes.

It’s ok though. I hear some of these flat earther are also probably anti-vaxxers. Common diseases will probably rid them as well while the rest of us are immune.


All the same…

Just like this European Space Agency Rosetta Garbage…

Landing a probe on a Comet… HAH! I’m surprised most of you guys buy this nonsense and don’t even question it…

BTW, I love SCIENCE!.. the acquisition of knowledge though OBSERVATION and EXPERIMENT

But I hate SCIENTISM… the perpetuation of false THEORIES with ZERO evidence (Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution, Heliocentric Theory)


Defunct organizations that video listed, just saying. lol Fail

These are guys a sweet company. All the non-flat earthers should check this out. =)


You do realize they are called “theories” right? Theory are made to proven or disproven with enough evidence to back it up. Once a theory has become so fundamental and naturally occurs many times, such as Newtonian mechanics, it becomes law.