The Earth is flat


@dankmementos save your time, doesn’t matter how much correct facts you tell him, he will find a costructed counter argument :exclamation:

Thats how “trolling” works, BUT as stated above, the sad part is he really believe in what he write … and you cannot change it, for me it looks like, that someone watched to much youtube videos and now he believes into that … strange what youtube can cause :exclamation:


Here, with that logic … the real “facts” …



(I’m not actually taking a side in this, I just suddenly reminded of this video watching this debate unfold.)


To explain it simply for our dear cousin joe, of course density and buoyancy is present. They are properties of matter, and everything else with mass. Doesn’t mean gravity isn’t real.

Here is how a balloon floats: Gravity is acting on it- sure. But, considering it is basically thin rubber filled with gas, it weights next to nothing. Therefore, gravities pull is not that strong. Now, since helium is less dense than air, there is a force of buoyancy. Because helium is much less dense than the mixture of gases that makes “air”, the force of buoyancy upwards on the balloon is pushing greater than the relatively weak pull of gravity on such a balloon of that weight.

Same thing with that glass of water filled with different liquids. Sure, gravity is pulling down. That is why they are in the cup, and the cup is on the table, and the table is on the ground. However, since liquids are not going to compress other liquids, and they all have different densities, they are going to fall or rise until they are at their respective positions.

Of course, gravity is proved best when we look at space and the sciences of it. However, I know you still believe that the Earth is the center of a very small universe, as well that it is flat.


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Rebellions started this?


What you refer to as “increase or decrease in weight”, I would call relative density

The closer falling objects get to terminal velocity (maximum speed objects fall in the “fluid” medium of air) the objects within them decrease in relative density and become “weightless”

This is one of the ways NASA is able to hoax weightlessness in the space station (the other is green screen)…

Oh and check out this one…

Defeating the Theory of Gravity with a Slinky (the pic is a link)


Ha! Gravity… :roll_eyes:

All movement of falling objects can be explained by density and buoyancy. Gravity is redundant and not necessary. It was only made up later…


Don’t worry folks… there is an endgame…



It is a well known fact that Astronauts are not experiencing zero gravity on the ISS- There is a pull of gravity that is about 90% of what it is on Earth. However, it is moving very fast, in an orbit. Therefore, objects in the space stations are in a perpetual state of free fall. Same with those arc planes that move in a parabola to give about 10 seconds of free-fall. Therefore, that video is inherently wrong, since the ISS was never experiencing zero-g in the first place.

The slinky thing is just straight up retarded though. The slinky is a spring. Therefore, when it is released from a stretched position, both sides get pulled towards the center. When the slinky is held like that, and stretched fully by gravity, it is in a state of equilibrium. When released, the center of gravity is getting lower and lower with the top. The bottom stays stationary because the top is falling faster than the center of gravity.
After he drops the slinky, it is in free-fall. The center of mass of an object (the midpoint of the slinky) will always have an acceleration of 9.8m/s2. But this is exactly the force of tension acting inside the slinky! Therefore the top is being pulled down by gravity (9.8 m/s2) and the tension inside the slinky (9.8m/s2). It falls down twice as fast as the center. The bottom of the slinky is being pulled down by gravity, but up by the tension in the slinky and it stays still.

Make sense?

As for evolution, that is a whole different animal, but there is so much evidence in its favor as well. Unless if you deny all scientific findings as “government created” :roll_eyes:


Evolution?!?… better start another whole thread for that lie too friend



Oh, so you believe you came from a monkey then? OK, that explains a lot :rofl:



Why do they have to fake it? Just like the moon landing…


Your “evidence” is “bruh monkeys are weird bruh no way we are monkeys bruh”

We share 96% of our DNA with chimps.
As for Darwin, his findings on the Galapagos islands started his research for “descent with modification” which lead to our common understanding of evolution today


Hah! You’re believing another lie

You quote numbers like 96% but do you even have any idea how they come up with that?!?

The true number is more like 60-65%. Please research how they come up with their numbers before just believing them at face value

And as far as evidence so far…

  • The eye is so complex, to believe it evolved is absurd
  • There is an EXTREME lack of transitional forms
  • There has been a concerted effort to deceive people to believe the hoax

I can go on but if you want to hold on to the evolution lie despite the above, I suspect your mind is already determined to not hear the Truth


3.9 billion years.
That is the predicted amount of time life has been alive.
That, to the human mind, is not a comprehensible number. We, as human beings, cannot even begin to know how large that number is. Its impossible.

The first eye was a light sensor to let single celled aquatic creatures know if they were close to the surface, or deeper underwater.
Our DNA replication is a very specific process. First, the DNA is split. Then, RNA polymerase makes an rna copy of the split section. This rna copy is used to make the second half of the original split DNA piece, resulting in two daughter DNA strands. Because of this complex process, the nitrogenous bases in DNA can be messed up sometimes. These are called mutations. Sometimes they do nothing, sometimes they kill. However, when they are helpful, they pass on.

You see, a helpful mutation allows an organism to have a higher survival chance. With this, it can find more mates, or reproduce longer. Even though they have a mutation, that mutation will then be copied to their offspring. Therefore, organisms that have helpful mutations reproduce more than those without, causing it to spread without the species.
Imagine the first organism to be able to distinguish forms, no matter how basic, instead of just using chemical sensory like bacteria and cells. It would get more food, from finding more prey. That means more offspring, and they beat the competition. Further down the line, imagine a mutation that allows for harder skin that predators have a tougher time getting through. They will outlive competition in their species. For the eye, do this over billions of years, with countless failures, mutations, among other things.

For evolution evidence, here is one big thing:
Every. Single. Limbed animal has the same limb structure:
one strong bone, two bones below it, and then a cluster of smaller bones for the wrist and hand. Every single limbed land animal on Earth has this. Why?

The fossil of a transitional species called Tiktallik was discovered. It was a fish. However, it had one thing. It has bony fins, that allowed it to host itself up on land, and move just a little bit. And what was the bone structure, you ask?
One stronger bone, two bones, then a cluster of bones for the wrist. Same that every limbed animal has today.
This ablity to go on land just for a little bit made a huge advantage. Predator? No problem. Hide for a couple seconds above water and it will go away. Over 400 million years, countless mutations occurred, including longer bones, for more movement, as well as better suited breathing process for land. Transitional fish have lead to every land animal with bones today.


Just check physical conditions of peeps coming back from a long stay in space.
They are totaly messed up and need special programs to recover/readapt to gravity.



ummm its the radiation from up there.
it fried there brain.





As I said before

Let’s Meet in the Middle and say the Earth is an Oblate Spheroid

Flat Earthers, Round Earthers…Stop This Madness Once And For All :exclamation:



Physics are confusing


What? No, it is muscle weakness caused by the constant state of free fall in the ISS. If you are constantly floating, your muscles do not need to work as much, so therefore the body breaks down unneeded muscle mass in order to preserve energy. When they come back down to Earth, their body is unprepared, even if they regularly exercise onboard to counteract this.


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