The Earth is flat


Why would Earth be Flat when all the other planets are round?..why Earth?..why not Mars or Venus or Jupiter?..Why Earth?..

They’re all the same, they’re all Round…


Come on guys… stop being so heavily programmed…

Here’s what NASA tells you…


Here’s reality…

They were once called Wandering Stars, friends


Is it just me or do the planets still look spherical in the video?


If people dig soo deep they will probably see the truth


And here are what real stars look like…

They are not the gas giants you’ve been programmed to believe…



How are those peeps calculating velocities and masses if they dont “believe” in gravity?
Thats hilarious :joy:


They’re getting them from your chalkboard equations, and showing they have no reality to back them up


The Falsification of Terminal Velocity, Gravity and the Source of Mass


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not the correct word there but I see where you’re going at



I am not saying density doesn’t exist- it works with things, just like gravity. You see, smoke is simply made up of minute particles that gravity barely has an effect on. It does have an effect- smoke does not leave the atmosphere, but not enough to stop its lower density particles from rising through the air. The same way it happens in your example. You cannot compress fluids, so they are not going to compress at the bottom. And these are all fluids that do not mix together. Therefore, they will not go into each other. Combine that with their density, and they will order like that. Doesn’t mean there isn’t gravity. Think of it like this: put a bunch of metal slabs into a glass. Because these liquids refuse to interact, it is just like that. They won’t move past each other. They are still being pulled down

Birds are affected by gravity, but by using their wings, they are able to fight it and stay in the air. The more mass an object has, the more gravity pulls on it. Birds have evolved to fight this, with hollow bones, and light feathers. Using their feathers and wings, they minimize air resistance, and use the air resistance as a means to lift them up.
The same way you throw a paper airplane, If you throw a piece of paper, with this density theory, it falls to the ground. Yet, a paper airplane can go up, then maintain speed, and then fall? It is because of using lift and minimizing air resistence.

As for flowers, they have strong stems, whose cells are made of a rigid structure coated with cellulose. This gives these light objects the strenght to stand up. Of course, they always have a slight droop, because pf gravities pull.


That is Archimide Principle.

You can actualy compress fluids, you need enough energy converted into pressure, to breack their molecular structure.

They use propeling forces to catch enough speed that the Cuanda effect happens.
When propulsion force > Gravitational Force… you gain vertical movement.
When air goes over an object shaped like a tear, you will gain the Cuanda effect, that becomes also vertical propulsion.

AT the same time, the more mass and object has, the stronger the gravitational force it has. And at the same time, the more mass, the more it can generate a stronger gravitational field.
Mass actualy generates gravity.
or atleast that is what i can still remember from school… maybe things changed.

I Thank Gravity for helping booze reach my stomach




So many errors here I don’t know where to begin

  • Density definitely exists and along with buoyancy is sufficient to explain all “gravity”-related phenomenon without the need of the made up force of gravity
  • Gravity was only “invented” to support heliocentric theory, as we can’t exist on a ball unless we make up an imaginary force which attaches us to the ball
  • Tell me friend… what causes Gravity?!? Scientists can’t even explain this one…

The picture with the different fluids and objects shows that density and buoyancy govern the “floating” and “sinking” of objects in a medium, not gravity. If air is thought of as a medium through which objects can sink and rise in, there is no need for your imaginary gravity (and wasn’t historically until Isaac Newton (a Freemason) “discovered it” in the 1600s)

So density, then?

And you still haven’t explained how an atmosphere exists next to a vacuum without a solid barrier in between


  • Wrong!

Yes, you tell me why birds or plants can overcome the effect of density (or as you say, gravity), but you haven’t explained why the same “gravitational force” that can hold down the oceans on a spinning earth, can not stop smoke, bugs, balloons from rising against it.

If it spins, the water should just fly off…

unless an extremely strong force is holding it down… but the force has to pick and choose what it effects?!?



This thread never fails to entertain me.

Thank you people.


The sad part is, @cousin_joe don’t write these walls of text and failse argumentations to troll and having fun, he really believe what he writes :exclamation:

That is the part I worry the most (and having most of fun) :exclamation:


Please @cousin_joe search (or copy and paste if you have saved it) the answer for …

  • WHY not 1 single … I mean really … 1 single picture exist from the edge of the “flat earth” :question:

(when there are hundred thousands of the Earth as Globe, btw. a LOT of work to fake all these pictures and videos = :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: )

I am curious about the answer :exclamation:


P.S.: your chance @cousin_joe to be the 1st Flat Earther who fake a picture of it, even the Flat Earther were not able to make 1 good :exclamation:


if gravity doesnt exist how tf are we not floating. why is the water and everything else stay down?
if gravity or something similar didnt exist water would probably fly up and cover the light that the sun gives us or maybe even drown us.
gravity is strong. birds can fly because evolution is a thing.they have changed so they can fly.

also please tell me this is a prolongated meme.


One way to prove gravity is the force which pulls us downward and not buoyancy is that it is clearly observable (especially in elevators!) that a downward acceleration decreases weight and and upward acceleration increases weight.

The force of buoyancy itself requires either a force field or acceleration to work, so that the pressure, and hence density of a fluid is increases with depth, and hence the downward greater pressure pushes the object towards a lower lesser pressure, until the force of the pressure is equal with the weight of the object. Unless one subscribes to the traditional definition of buoyancy (accurate in terms of measurement but doesn’t explain how buoyancy works) that it is a force exerted by a fluid on a object equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object’s volume. One can think that this force is always upward though without a force field (like gravity) or an acceleration, it cannot have a direction (which is always in the opposite direction to the two). But supposing it IS always upward (somehow, considering that the fluid in absence of force field or acceleration should have equal pressure and density throughout) then it still cannot explain why :

  1. Accelerating or decelerating upwards or downwards increases or decreases your weight.
  2. Accelerating or decelerating upwards or downwards increases or decreases buoyancy as well, if there is a fluid around. Otherwise in a vacuum, even the densest object become weightless when accelerating downwards at 9.807 m/s², and even the lightest object becomes much heavier. Strange that buoyancy is affected by something that doesn’t exist.

So from this, we conclude that the force of gravity definitely exists. The argument now is whether it is due to a force field exerted by mass, or due to the earth accelerating upwards (Flat Earth rationalization) or due to centrifugal force due the world spinning (hollow earth rationalization).


Bruh the ■■■■ do you think the ocean has, wings?

Isaac Newton was wrong. Albert Einstein was right Gravity is not a force of suction. Gravity is the bending of space-time fabric by massive objects. Here is a simple diagram:

This is not 100% accurate because space-time fabric is not flat like this. It is everywhere at all times.