The Earth is flat


nah the moon doesnt exist.
its a peace of cheese.




The milky WAY is flat HAAAAAAAAAA


As well as your mother



im talking about

BUT i get the joke


I know about that galaxy don’t worry


Stil my favorite proof that the Earth is a globe …

same stupid argumentation as flat earther use = :joy: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


next topic:
space is a square
debunk this nasa


Your saying the infinite space which is a literal void is a dimensional square?


The space is flat


if the earth is flat then we will all be dead right now because of the core, the core is something that creates the gravity, then, if the core is on a flat earth, the gravity would attract us to the center, then, we would die crushed by the gravity of it.
God,where’s your brain sir?.


How do you explain gravity? Why are we not all human pancakes? Also, If all the other planets are 3d, it kinda seems absurd that God would make one like a sheet of paper…


That is because the edge is a massive ice wall, and that is how Jesus flooded the earth the first time:

Our leaders, whether they be from the United States, United Nations, or any other leader of nations, all agreed that no one needed to see this ice wall and set up a border so that no one would ever witness it again.
:rofl::rofl::rofl: this kinda stuff kinda makes me sick to my stomach. To think, ppl are so naive to think such absurd, illogical fantasies, regardless of the massive amount of evidence that debunk them.


Bois you must remember the flat earther argument is that gravity does not exist. Instead everything is controlled by buoyancy.

@cousin_joe I have a question for you… in a controlled vacuum chamber, I have dropped a hammer, and a feather, and they both hit the ground at the same time, proving gravity long after it was proven. How does your buoyancy theory respond to this evidence?



"Gravity is simply density and buoyancy.

People argue that things with different densities fall at the same rate through air. However, that is because both items have reached critical density in relation to its medium: air.

If you were to change the medium from air to say, water or liquid mercury, the critical density to achieve the same rate of falling would increase significantly.

Critical density is directly proportional to the medium density. Thus the denser the medium… The denser the objects would have to be in order to achieve the same rate of falling.

A basketball and a rock might fall at the same speed in air. However… Drop them in a thicker medium like water… And they will not fall at the same rate. That is because critical density has not been achieved by both the rock and the basketball, in water as its medium.

In a vacuum… Critical density is zero and is the reason why objects of any density fall at exactly the same rate. Any medium denser than a vacuum has a greater critical density than zero… Thus the reason why objects that haven’t attained critical density fall slower in certain mediums.

Critical density variation is “gravity.”

Darrell Dragoo

Think of Terminal Velocity… why should terminal velocity even exist? According to your formulas for gravity, objects should constantly accelerate til they go SPLAT!

Only buoyancy explains this phenomenon properly. Drag, you say… sure the formulas work on paper, but as with most physics, there are huge differences between True Reality vs. what just gets written on a chalkboard. See here for detailed explanation…

The Falsification of Terminal Velocity, Gravity and the Source of Mass

@dankmementos I have a question for you…

How does your gravity explain this…


Or this?

Why is gravity so strong to hold people, buildings and the oceans stuck to a spinning ball-Earth, but weak enough to allow balloons, birds, bugs, flowers, and smoke to easily rise against its awesome force?


Since when was rubbing alcohol color blue?


The same time the water was green :smiley:

Dye or food coloring, friend :grinning:



Logical Fallacy…

It’s because your brain has already been programmed to believe the Earth is in the Class “Planet” when there is no reason it should be… other than the fact it was programmed into you from grade school

If you never had the programming, or could break free from it, you would not restrict your mind to holding onto this fallacy