The Earth is flat


No mental illness on my end friend

Meanwhile I see Pride, Arrogance and Hubris on this thread in spades

Of course the spiritually blind don’t see those things. How can they?

A naturalist wants to LIMIT this world to ONLY material phenomena, and IGNORE the Supernatural. Yet, the supernatural CLEARLY exists (spend less time on your computer/phone and start talking to people… have some real converstaions)

You will continue to remain blind until you seek to correct this problem


I took the time to watch it …

  • to ALL forum members :

… totally WORTH to take the time to watch it … brought me some …

  • bestLAUGHSoftheworld

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“spend less time on your computer/phone and start talking to people… have some real converstaions”


“If you sit in the glass house you should not throw stones :exclamation:

Means … talk in real life about these videos and their REAL scientific content …

  • listen

  • try to understand

  • learn

  • talk in real life with real people about these 5 videos and special about their content

  • talk in real life with real people about your problems

  • you will be able to accept the truth and that the Earth is a Globe

More help I cannot give at the moment … best is really to watch all of these 5 videos … he talks about facts … special the parts where he explain, WHY and HOW “flattards” (his used word) excuse things :exclamation:



For the record: I believe in God, and I believe in the supernatural. Both are unseen and unobservable, and hence UNPROVABLE.

However, that has absolutely nothing to do with the OBSERVABLE and PROVABLE properties of reality. Nor are my beliefs contradictory to proven science. They are in total harmony with what we know to be true about the universe and it’s properties, including even quantum mechanics and many theories related to it. I can confidently say that established and proven science will never disprove God, or my religion.

Unfortunately for you, YOUR beliefs are obviously at odds with observable and measurable reality, ergo they are FALSE! So essentially, the only way you can continue to hold your beliefs is to dismiss reality and fabricate and distort facts to suit them. By doing so, you only discredit yourself and bring your sanity into question.

Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality…

The flat earth movement is an ignorant and dangerous cult. Any material related to it should not be tolerated on mainstream social media or internet platforms. It is a waste of disk space, and more than that, it is destroying the feeble minds it manages to infect. Take that however you want. It needs to be said.


Earth is not freaking FLAT !!! , you just think it’s flat , and can’t see that it’s round because of how big it is , so stop SAYING that the earth is freaking "Flat’'


Nice reason and logic man.


This guy has a fantastic channel. Explains things very very well, and sticks to facts. Well worth watching some of his videos.



If the earth was flat, wouldn’t the tectonic plates crossing each other cause earthquakes on both sides at the same time?


Also, if the earth was flat, wouldn’t there be a a ring at some point where everything suddenly bends 90 degrees.


On the globe model EVERYTHING can be explained and tested for consistency using the scientific method.

On the flat model EVERYTHING is explained and untested using fantasy, conspiracy and conjecture, along with cherry picking and distortion of facts and science.

Take your pick.


An example of complete debunking of the Flat model:


Flat Earthers need to stop using and start using =)


… the rest of their braincells :exclamation:





I want death and nothing less


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There is no earth
We have been living on mars for so long




Elon Musk wet dream


The moon is flat