The Earth is flat


Nice place there … :+1:t3:

WoW … they were there :question:

They didn’t fall off the edge :question:

They were sure very carefully about :exclamation:

Wait … hundreds of thousands pictures exist from the round Globe (all faked of course) …

  • BUT NOT ONE SINGLE PICTURE from the “Flat Earth Edge” :exclamation:

Strange, there must be some kind of physical power, which makes cameras not working there :exclamation:


P.S.: I just noticed that ALL Flat Earthers were even not able to make 1 faked picture from the edge … who wonders :interrobang:



Because these flattards say nobody can go there. Military has it surrounded. Yet anybody can go there, as PROVEN everyday.



WoW … that make sense … maybe they use trained ice-bears to protect it …

… hey, must be true, its on YouTube :exclamation:





I get what you mean: I’m not an atheist, but I sure am not a creationist. The vast majority of creationism applies to the Christian belief of it, since it is such a large religion. And because cousin joes points are that the Earth is covered by a dome, it is Christian creationism.


This might help you:





Typical bully behaviour when someone expresses a view contrary to their own

No worries, I forgive you… peace bros… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (and sis)


If Part 1 to 3 is not correct, Part 4 is for sure (or was it Part 5 :joy: ) …



That was fantastic, watched it whole :ok_hand:t3:

That part with scientist killed me… xD ---->

Jason: Can I ask you something, why do you have a stethoscope?

“Scientist”: Cause I am a scientist.

Jason: Where do you go when you are sick?

“Scientist”: To the doctor!

Jason: Mhmm, something more?
:laughing: :joy:


You do realize that any lambda peep with a telescope can observe the ISS right.
The same peep can define his distance from the object by making a simple optic calculation with the specs of his scope…


Forget it mate, this guy either does not beleive in math, or has absolutely no understanding of it.

See videos 1-5 above for some good laughs. I highly advise. Gives great insight to the lack of mental faculties of a flat earther, and the problems they create for themselves with their fong kong ideas and explanations.

The channel is CoolHardLogic. You will love it, right up your ally.


Here’s another excellent video from the same channel:


So apparently, there’s this documentary on Netflix called “Behind the Curve” which watches Flat Earthers and their theories… now… apparently they spent $20,000 on a Gyroscope experiment where… here… Just read the link:


To think they wasted money just to prove themselfs wrong is…



questionable? you mean… you think they faked it?


No is the fact that they didn’t even accept it






My sincere apologies. Only since you mention this, I realize I have been making fun of the mentally ill and the constructed realities that define them as such. It is definitely a cruelty to toy with mental defectives.

I hope there is some treatment out there that can help cure this new wave of insanity. Shame to see this condition affecting such young minds.