The Earth is flat


Live views from Starman:

Watch and see how stupid you are.

Now see ISS live feed. You can reconcile the stream footage with up to date weather maps if you want. Absolutely impossible to fake in real time. The rendering technology it would require simply doesn’t exist.

But keep lying to yourself if it please you.



HAH! That’s your evidence?!? Where are the stars? Wow, nearly 50 years past the original moon landing hoax and they still haven’t learned from their mistakes…


CGI just keeps getting better these days… pretty much fool everyone…



It’s all just a big magic show folks… watch the whole thing if the Truth is important to you… otherwise, carry on :smile:


Absolutely irrelevant experiment in terms of either a flat or spherical earth. That experiment only disproves the existence of Aether.


You sound like a typical nutcase. Nobody can help you I’m afraid.


Typical… result doesn’t agree with your predetermined bias so you choose to disregard it

Sorry, peer reviewed and accepted. Just not mentioned in your physics classes as it is not consistent with the world view they are trying to manufacture

You’re the one who needs help friend.


This is called an Ad Hominem attack. Typical for people who can not win an argument on the basis of facts.

Peace bro… I sincerely hope you find out the Truth one day


Okay, so how about Google Earth. Is that fake too? Did they actually render the rooftops of everybody house to a flawless level of exactitude?

Google Earth coupled with GPS coordinates is impossible to explain from a Flat Earth POV.

You could print out every page of every tile on Google Earth, piece them all together, and see what you get.

So is that fake too?


Sadly, the ‘truth’ that you hold can only ever be a reality in a mentally ill mind. And unfortunately, mentally ill people are unaware of their condition. To them EVERYONE else are the nut jobs.



The earth is a lollipop


From Wikipedia:

Google Earth is a computer program that renders a 3D representation of Earth based on satellite imagery. The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing users to see cities and landscapes from various angles.

These are 2D images rendered onto a 3D globe… when you actually check the distances, they verify 2D flat earth distances… not globe distances…

Watch the first 4 minutes


LOL, what a joke! The guy doesn’t understand that spherical trigonometry is required to measure distances on a globe. The only thing he proved is that he’s an imbecile with no understanding of math. I’m no genius, but LOL those are basics …And you follow fools like this?

You can’t use 2D measurements to compare against 3D. Missing the 1 dimension changes a lot.

The top angle is CRITICAL. If you travel along the Equator starting at “0 degrees Latitude and 0 degrees Longitude” (Equator meets Prime Meridian in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Sao Tome/Prinicpe or Ghana ), then move along the Equator to longitude 90 degrees (Indian Ocean on the equator, off the coast of Java), then make a 90 degree turn to North 90 degrees (North pole). Then turn through 90 degrees to Longitude 0 degrees and go due South, you will end up at “0 degrees Latitude and 0 degrees Longitude”. (Back where you started).

In other words you will have traveled in a triangle where each angle is 90 degrees. Therefore you have made a 270 degree triangle! This can only be done on a SPHERE. The official name in mathematics for this calculation is known as a ‘Steradian’. Just remember that a circle or circumference is 2 Pi radians. ERGO …THE EARTH IS A SPHERE!


He is using 60, not 90

You detract from his point with some other sideshow

2D images are taken by aerial photography (on a flat earth)
These images are projected onto a sphere
The ACTUAL distances are the same we get on a flat earth

This is as opposed to taken on a sphere, and being the actual distance represented


The earth is a lollipop.


Such lack of scientifical consistancy, much youtube, absence of technical background to unserstand whats at stake or even what we are talking about.
Welcome to the 21st century. An age where all accumulation of 2000 years of researches is one click away, but where dumbness proves to be stronger.

Nicely, dumbness having reach such degrees, face of the planet gonna be cleansed from that parasitic specy known as human (check definition of parasite, fits well). Human dumbness being a catilist for what would have happen no matter what, just earlier.

Side note: for youtubo scientistico religiouso peeps, a guy (father Alph Lukau) just resurected a dead guy a few days ago in SA. Saw it on youtube, its real, god is real. Rejoice for his holy power is raining on good Alph.




Smooth guitar starts playing, as the beat follows

Hi welcome to the:

Very original thread where it’s all deception.
One is confronted with logics from ones perception.

What I wanna say isn’t easy to understand.
Look there will be much more lies to plant.

Once you get in this vicious circle, escape will be a miracle!

Not many belive in such, trust me I know the whole bunch!

Take it easy while we are on the ride around the sun.

Try imagining me writing a few more sentences to this song, there is the pun!

If it’s intended you will know.
Just remember, earth is round. Neither flat
nor hollow!


Exactly. You can’t use 60* angles to measure on a sphere.

Every distance from one place to another is measured with a precise exactitude on the globe model. Those distances are consistent with flight distances and times, plus the time zones. You can experience this first hand if you emerge from your basement and take a few flights around the globe.

Flight distances and times have been embarrassingly disproven on the flat Earth model for many regular international flight paths.

No need to further embarrass yourself. You can prove yourself wrong whenever you’re ready. Air travel DOES EXIST. Even over Antarctica.

Sorry, but arguing with you is like trying to explain math and physics to a deaf and retarded 2yr old using Latin language, whilst it’s fast asleep. In other words, pointless and futile.


You keep avoiding this (or cannot absorb due to the cognitive dissonance)

Extended version


Let them believe in a Flat Earth … all is fine :exclamation:

  • you can tell them that a white wall is white

  • they will see it as pink

  • even if it is proven scientific and 7 billion people see that the wall is white

  • they will see it as pink

  • you can give them any possible proof that the wall is white

  • they will see it as pink

  • you can start to discuss with them, WHY they see it pink, even it is white

  • they will bring constructed faked arguments to try to support their theory

And yes Pink Elephants exist … watch here is the proof …


Instead of me wasting my time here, just read the first few comments for that video on YouTube. I mentioned something similar earlier.

Emerge from your basement please. I doubt you’ve ever been outside, let alone travelled on an aircraft. Save some money and book a flight over Antarctica, or maybe a tour to the continent. They go all the time from South Africa.

Ice wall my arse :laughing::joy::rofl: