The Earth is flat



You can also see the Earth and surroundings live from the ISS on YouTube, and reconcile its position visually with the live footage shown.

From the NASA ‘overlords’:

But yes, we know, all fake right. Continue your existence in an ignorant bliss. SMH!


No …

  • “they” have 27 people who do 24/7 manipulate these live pictures

  • its very easy to do that

  • also you forgot the fish-eye-effect from the camera, its a go-pro (27 $)

You need to believe this guy …
(everything on this video is the absolute truth)

P.S.: and even IF YOU WOULD BE RIGHT … the flat earth / disk has also a round edge :exclamation:



“People really need to learn some IQ’s”… XD

We will end up concluding that earth is a square. All edge, no point. Cause aerodynamics!

P.S.: (Didn’t know that there is air in the cosmos, but seems like I have been enlightened).


@dankmementos, simple sky observation brought a lot to some very ancient civilisations, south americans, egyptians, chineese, greeks etc… just dumbarse europeans were busy eating their own poop to get such insights and took the easy way.
“Yes of course earth is center of all, just look up there, everything turns around us. Thing is flat, there is probably a gigantic glass domo separating our holy arse from the heavens. As for this strange rocks falling time to time, these should be divine pinishment because we have been bad, fornicating out of the bond of mariage”


The “way” how Flat-Earther research and their logic …


:rofl: :joy: :laughing: :joy: :rofl:


You are a creationist, so therefore we cannot argue about anything scientific because you do not believe in it. That is fine. Your religion is your religion. But a creationist and someone who believes in current science cannot have a debate since these two ideas cannot co-exist as both of them say the other cannot exist.


Firstly, there are many disciplines of science, and certain creationist beliefs do not reconcile with theories such as Darwinian evolution, or some aspects of modern anthropology. The origins of life are unprovable from both sides of the argument.

There are different types of creationism. I could be considered a ‘creationist’ since I believe in God and the creation of life, rather than evolution. However, I believe in the concept of micro evolution rather than macro evolution.

Darwin’s concept of evolution (which is the basis for the modern theory) is just as unprovable as the creation of Adam and Eve. The dilemma of the chicken or the egg still has not been resolved.

From a philosophical viewpoint, the idea of a ‘primordial soup’ being the basis for the origins of the first life forms is vastly more difficult to accept than the initiation of life by a creator. Deductive reasoning can be employed in many thought expirements in this regard.

In any case, certain creationist beliefs can reconcile perfectly with every aspect of provable science or sound (mathematically provable) scientific theory.

The belief in certain types of creationism, and the acceptance of provable and observable science can reconcile perfectly.

But let’s not diverge from the topic, I was just setting the record straight.

The denial of provable science, math, evidence, and the paranoia associated with the related conspiracy theories, and the behavior in general that flat earthers exhibit can by no doubt be attributable to mental illness. There is no other explanation. A close relative of ours went insane some time back, and talking and trying to reason with him is absolutely no different.


Thats a huge issue you are pointing right there.
Science isnt a belief, science isnt an opinion, science talks facts.
One part of science could be assimilated to beliefs, the uncompleted/not fully explained parts. Theories, wich should be oposed to theorems.
Earth being a globe aint a theory, its a theorem.
Difference is you explain theories, if you can demonstrate it its a theorem.
For now, evolution is a theory, the thing which match the observed the best with the current knowledge if you will.
Means that it explains 90% of the thing but cant demonstrate it. Thatd be 100%

In the current practices, evolution theory ezplains maybe 90% of the things. Other theories less, hence this one stands as the reference.
Might change. Might not.

Beliefs. You look into something from outside assuming its true.

Science. You look into things from inside to verify if the theories you assessed from the outside are true.

I have a solid scientific background and can proove that earth is round on the field in many different ways; astronomy (masses), magnetism, materials, optics etc. I can proove that the domeed earth theory is physically impossible. Thats from the inside, thatd be 100% factual: theorems. Certainly not a belief.


Well, in this case, the science of earth being flat and creationism beliefs aren’t a colliding set of understanding


Who the hell flagged my early posts?
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The funamental ideal of creationism is that the Universe is less than 10,000 years old. So not really


How exactly could you prove the Earth is flat? It has already been proven round


I of course meant round… corrected.


Because it was created lol


That explains how some had such stranges ideas of a F(l)at Earth … a simple typo and the internet (some people) goes ham about if the Earth is flat or round or …


Creationalism has a multitude of variying beliefs. So no, it is not a fundamental belief that the universe is 10000 yrs old.

The age of the universe has no bearing on the age of the existence of life.


Creationism is beliefs directly based off the bible, so it is.


This man knows how to take things (for his own advantage, making money) …



Would you say that anyone who believes God created Adam and Eve is a creationist?

In any case, creationism is a concept that is not pegged to any single religion, but rather the belief in the creation of life through Devine will, rather than macro evolution.

Muslims beleive in this, yet support the Big Bang theory, and that the age of the universe is as old as that theory would posit. It is also mentioned in the Quran.

Many Hindus also beleive that humans were created as fully formed beings, but that mankind and the universe is lbillions or trillions of years old.

I think your understanding of the term ‘creationism’ is a bit skewed.


Sorry, you are misinformed… Gyroscope proves flat earth.

Watched the video… you are using a straw man argument. Airy’s Failure proves the earth is motionless. You have yet to address this. Thanks for reminding me of the gyroscope which also proves the earth is motionless.

So many flaws with the 2nd video I don’t know where to begin

  • I see metal objects on spandex… that is not a representation of reality
  • there is no attraction between mass there… this is a demonstration of buoyancy… heavier objects sink/fall
  • you have yet to explain to me why mass creates gravity… please explain what property of the earth and by which mechanism it creates this gravity?

read what’s underlined in red

Oh, they try with their complicated math formulas, but please, in layman’s terms, where does it come from? What feature of mass should cause it to have a “gravitational pull” on objects far away?

Gravity is a theoretical construct. It is not necessary and is in error. Buoyancy and Density is the observational reality.

eg. A helium-filled balloon, according to gravity, has a mass and should fall to the ground. Yet it does not.
eg. according to gravity, objects should constantly accelerate and go splat, yet things reach a terminal velocity, similar to objects sinking in water