The Earth is flat


Its the truuuuuuth ;v


it hurts please stop. and i said please now do say some thing else please


Apparently the Earth is a Fidget Spinner



oh my god it hurts. :disappointed_relieved: really painful, oh great now there is a puddle
wait sean and petal what the####

my brain!!!

and the real truth has shown it self


Biggest danger in our modern society so far: people discussing a topic thinking they have an expertize on it because theyve watched 2 videos about it on YT. While in reality they know absolutely nothing about it and dont even have the technical background to understand the parameters at stake.

Pierrot, leaves in the middle of nowhere in France, barely graduated from high school:
Astronomy expert, specialized in gravitational waves; geopolitics expert, specialized in middle east studies; economy expert, specialized in free trade and double taxation; incest expert, specialized in rank 2 cousins; theology expert, specialized in the origins of progressist churchs; expert in producing booz, specialized in human urine based products.


Not gonna lie… I learn more about my science stuff that they teach at school on YouTube rather than actual school

Helpful, the YouTube is… Didn’t have that stuff back in my day


High school level is barely an introduction to science.


uhh… okay? I guess?


Thats fine mate, learning curve is made this way. Youll realize this when going further in your studies (i hold 2 masters in engineering)


Actually, there is. It’s called a gyroscope. And there are extremely accurate and sensitive, albeit, expensive ones that you can buy and see for yourself.

Watch this and see how flat earthers debunk themselves:

Also obvious is that flat earthers such as yourself cannot understand the concept of relativity or gravity, and simply CHOOSE to deny its existence. Regarding Earth rotation and revolution, the speed seems fast without considering the size of one object in relation to another. If you have ever been on a flight, you will have noticed that when you’re at 30000ft the plane seems as if it’s hardly moving when looking at the ground, yet it is moving at almost 1000km per hour. That kind of speed would be breathtaking when close to the ground. Same thing with the earth in relation to the tiny objects that are on it.

Furthermore, gravity can be easily demonstrated and simulated even at home:

Problem is that you CHOOSE to be ignorant, even in the face of proof and evidence. Such people are beyond help.

Last point. No flat earther can prove any of their theories through demonstrable science. Prove me wrong with GROUNDED experiments and sound math THAT MAKES SENSE.


Planning to go to Medical school :blush:
Gotta work hard first year… I know a couple of people here who are already on their way as a practicer of medicine… will come handy to know these peeps XD


Excellent. Good to have a plan. You will realize it there, the quantity of knowledge auccumulated by humanity in 4k years is ridiculous.


I already realised that lol… If everyone passes High school, they’re smarter than anyone was 50 years ago


Apparently not, after considering this thread.


I believe in 10,293 genders too


Things teached in high schools are science fundations: aka 200 years old things.

Peeps graduating from high school 50 yers ago were monsters compared to current peeps.
My great granddad was building bridges and railroads as a engineer in chief of a very large firm 100 years ago.
All calculations by hand. All drawings by hands. Hed see me showing off with my 2 engineering degrees, hed be sorry to see how low the level is…


how low your level is or how low his level is

because the world now is harder than it was 50 years ago


How low my level is compared to his.

Truth: general level of education is higher than 50 or 100 years ago. Because of middle class boom in western societies
100 peeps were graduating from high school per year 50 years ago. Now 10k.

But the average dude graduating high school 50 years ago was far smarter than currents. They were elites. Not to mention peeps graduating from universities.


:eyes: wot ze fock

okay, I’ll take your word for it


Just go ask your physics teacher to make a small dynamic mechanical calculations by hand (say a simple spring + mass system). He wont be able too.