The Earth is flat


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What in the actual ■■■■


The Flat Earth Society (the ones who push a floating turtle nonsense) is a shill group
Similar to Alex Jones in his role as the crazy conspiracy theorist

90% of what they actually put out is true, but 10% is outright crazy so as to discredit them (a la floating turtle). The Flat Earth Society is not a real group. There are no meetings or conferences. People who come to realize the earth is flat do not join this group. The FES are shills and used to discredit people trying to tell you the truth

RobotBruce is taking on the role of shill currently


RobotBruce is trolling.


@cousin_joe how does your model of the earth, sun and moon even work? It defies all laws of science people have worked so hard to determine over the past 100 years


He learned all faster … within few weeks of watching YouTube videos from some, who never reached anything in their life :arrow_right: it MUST BE true :exclamation:



The same model pretty much all major civilizations believed up until “science” started rewriting / retheorizing established concepts

Sun, moon and stars are embedded in the firmament. They are moved around the Earth via the Ether (Tesla knew about it, but most of modern science is unaware of it, or pretend it doesn’t exist)


These “scientists” you guys put so much trust in, have been at this for over 500 years… feeding you the lies of Evolution, Big Bang, Big Universe to make you think you are small and meaningless…

They have a specific plan in place and have been at this for centuries… Wernher von Braun actually knew the plan and gave instructions to his assistant…

In a 100 years, as you say Dank, your “science” overlords have more people believing in aliens than God

I don’t mind the mocking… I’ll be proven right within a few years… I don’t do this for me, I do this for you :smiley:

Don’t be one of the deceived friends


Ok for first I personally do like you cousin joe. You make a fine statements, you clarify your points often times. You are calm and community supporting.

But mocking scientific proof which is based on facta which is aslo based on logical thinking, understanding and laws of physics as we know it. Can’t be denied with a simple belief of what old civilizations once thought.
It also makes sense why they though all similarly on that matter. (Which I am going to explain only on request).

This too. A bit mean and cheeky comment from besty but ok. Besty is besty simply :heart: (Made me laugh as well, cause it’s type of true that people on youtube beckoning flat earth theory are, well you know lacking in some other fields by much…)

My point is that today you could bust that myth by your self. If you don’t belive in telescopes and other optically astronomical equipment (For who knows which reason).

I suggest buying a plane ticket and making a travel around the globle, seeing if there are any barriers.

If not that, you can bust the myth by multiple people working together and spreading around the globe while being connected on the skype or wherever.
If earth was flat as you say, the sun wouldn’t be “moving” from east to west in 180° angle.
And if it did so it gonna POOOP wanish under the feet of elephants and turtles.

Which means your friends on the net online with you, placed in all different positions on the globe gotta have night the same time as you do. Cause on such a distance, if Earth was flat you ALL would be seeing it. From Chicago to Hong Kong!

Who doesn’t understand my statement there, well I am deeply worried about you.


Oh +++++++++++++++ Big Bang is ENTIRELY something different then the Flat Earth theorizing. Today we don’t have enough precise equipment to make that statement 100% accurate. While Flat Earth theory is EXTREMELY easy to bust.

Evolution as well, just feeds the flame for Flat Earthers to rejoice and push their agenda further.

Evolution too is much harder to prove then Flat Earth theory… Incomparably tougher subject.

Has NOTHING to do with one another even at slightest.


Yes, since ancient civilizations with zero technology, without access to telescopes, should know more about the world than we do. The reason that dome model exists is because they did not have the ability to see further into the sky


I have alredy written enough of a logcial statement for further flat earth support to be silenced by now. :slight_smile:

It’s nearly not possible to reply to my comment up there, so it’s pretty much sealed.


Testing the Firmament

  • Operation Fishbowl
  • Operation Dominic

This is typical of indoctrination. It feeds into your sense of pride… to be superior to someone/something else… who do you think would have greater understanding of the original creation… the ones who were there closer to the beginning, or the ones who came on the scene much later?


There’s a reason that nearly all ancient civilizations have a flood narrative…

And yes, the global flood did happen… Noah’s Ark is in Turkey and was found by an archaelogist named Ron Wyatt. There is a museum at the site.


Of course, your indoctrination centres (schools) don’t bother to tell you this. Instead they just put dinosaurs and ball earths in your classroom right from preschool. (Dinosaurs existed but were not millions of years old… how do you get a T-Rex with preserved blood and soft tissue?)


I’ve already debunked him throughly.


Don’t bring God into scientific debate. Science is about the observable and provable. God and religion is about belief. And regarding a spherical or flat earth, some religions actually rely on the globe model (coupled with the sun/moon cycle) to determine prayer times at different points on the globe. That factor led to the deep study of astronomy by the Muslims after they spread out and settled around the globe. Hence the adoption and further development of the Astrolobe. If a flat earth were a necessary tenet for the belief in a certain religion, then there would be no better way to declare said religion false through the simple observation of the sun/moon cycle, let alone scientific evidence. The Big Bang theory was also described in the Quran, and 1400 yrs later was postulated as a theory for the origins of the universe, so that also is in no way contradictory to the existence of God. The teachings of Islam actually encourages scientific study in all fields, in the hope that one will conclude the existence of the creator through the observation of all things. This is why Iraq, and later Cordoba, became the centers of learning for mankind. Muslims were driven to study every facet of life and science at a time when Europe was in the Dark Ages. And this effort is largely attributable to the Dark Ages being lifted.

My point is, that the sciences are not Godless concepts, and the discoveries made through them are not satanic or evil. Nor has any science disproved God. The Quran has boldly posed a challenge to mankind for over 1400 yrs:

“(O mankind! A similitude has been coined, so listen to it (carefully): Verily those on whom you call besides Allâh, cannot create (even) a fly, even though they combine together for the purpose. And if the fly snatches away a thing from them, they will have no power to release it from the fly. So weak are (both) the seeker and the sought).”
[Surat Al-Hajj, verse: 73]

Basically, God is challenging man, in the sense that if you deny His existence, then gather the greatest minds on Earth, and create even a fly and make it live. This has never been accomplished, and it never will be. Even with the greatest modern equipment and techniques, life cannot be created by man.

So again, if what we know to be true and provable, cannot reconcile with our >beliefs< then those >beliefs< are false. Making stuff up to align with what we believe, only serves to discredit and disprove such beliefs.

For over 2000 years the extreme majority of human civilization has understood the world to be spherical. This was not through ‘belief’ but primarily through sheer observation with a rational and logical thought process, and coupled with the study of the stars.

The Flat Earth model falls flat on its face (pun intended) at every turn, and it takes a special kind of stupid to believe in it, just like the flying turtle. The only way such things can be explained is by making shit up and denying evidence and facts as fake.

Save some money, and take a flight over Antarctica or buy a telescope, or maybe just learn math and gain an understanding of basic science.

No offense, but you sound as if your parents have locked you in a basement with just the Bible and the internet, and have been indoctrinating you and ‘protecting’ you from the outside world. Forgive me, but it’s not easy for me to understand that any sane person can believe in such a preposterous concept of the Earth as you do.

Anyway, the proof is available for literally anybody to see for themselves. As I said, telescopes, flights, tours to Antarctica, even space travel if you’re rich enough. There are even public schools, you can go free of charge.

Sorry if that sounds condescending, I for one like you, I find your participation in this community valuable and insightful regarding the game. I just find myself feeling very sorry for you though. You need help one way or another.


No worries, no offense taken… I love critics

Critics will help you quickly sort out who wants to stay indoctrinated vs. those who genuinely seek truth.

Please review the thread… you will see that I’m actually the one pointing out True Observable Science (what can be seen and proven: Sunsets, Astrolabe, Airy’s Failure, Archaelogical Evidence, Buoyancy/Density) while you are referring to Scientism, the religion that wants you to believe things with NO OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE (Evolution, Big Bang, Big Universe)

Case in point…

I “observe” that I do not move. Airy’s failure proves to me the earth is still. There is no scientific experiment proving that the earth moves.

  • Yet, you want me to “believe” that I am rotating with the earth at 1000 mph, revolving around the sun at 67000 mph, which is revolving within the Milky Way at 514000 which is moving around the endless universe at 1.3 million mph just because NASA said so?!?

So who is using science and who is using religion?


These are the people you believe…





They look straight out of Harry Potter to me…


I m sure this topic suppose to be a joke

also…the earth is flat


Actually quite the opposite… I was just like you guys before… actually, just like these guys in the photos… got my full indoctrination degrees :smiley:

About 6 and a half years ago, I came to find evolution had NO evidence for it. There should be tons of intermediate forms in the ground, and there are none (save for 2 hoaxes, Lucy and Piltdown man). Micro-evolution (change within a kind) is possible, but not one kind becoming a completely different kind. This video was the turning point.

Then the Moon Landing lie domino tumbled after. No trip back for nearly 50 years? Erased the original footage by accident? Can’t get past the Van Allen belts anymore? Lying Buzz and no poker face Armstrong on the Interview?

Flat Earth was last… I denied it vehemently at first like you guys. Big difference is I preferred Truth vs. being comforted with a lie. Believe me, life as a flat-earther is not easy… but lying to yourself is even harder when you realize you’re doing it :wink:

Peace bros… I have no ill feelings towards any of you :grinning:


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