The Earth is flat


LOL that’s so easy to explain.

Take a small round pool with water in it, put a toy boat there and push it around the edge of the pool. You will eventually arrive at the same point from which you left.


There is no way he spun around. If there was a border, he never would’ve came back. Same with the US Army’s jet. It’s hard to explain to people who never accept the truth. But you are gonna say the same to me with your false “facts”.


You wouldn’t have to steer, the disc Earth is spinning slowly on the turtles back, which causes a centrifugal force. This causes objects to move as they do.

Also, did you fly the jet, or sail the boat? If not, then it’s a fake story they told you in order to propagate their lie of a globe Earth. You are being bamboozled by the govt. and Illuminati. Globes are satanic, and they want you to believe in them and be under satans influence.

Flat Earth 14 - Ball Earth 0


No. Again, and again, that turtle would be DEAD.
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If the turtle were dead, then we all would be dead also. It’s common sense. Get some IQ’s please.


How do you know that if the turtle is dead, we would be dead, too?


Because it provides us with oxygen through its breathing. Durrr.


Animals take IN oxygen, and exhale CARBON DIOXIDE!!! YOU get some IQ.


Only animals ON Earth, not outside of it. Similar to like trees.


It is physically impossible for animals to generate oxygen. Even outside the Earth. Again, if that jet was in the air, it would be mostly unaffected by the “spinning”.


Yes, correct. But the animals that carry the Earth have not been studied, so scientists don’t know that. However, it is quite obvious though since the turtle is alive and well, and so is our flat Earth.

I posted the video evidence earlier of the turtle flying in space. Is that not proof enough?


That “video” was not taken by a camera, it was made with software.


I could say the same of all your fake NASA videos.

But that video is real, I found it on YouTube in the ‘real videos’ section.


You just debunked yourself. There is no such thing as a Real Videos Section.
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That’s because YouTube hides the truth from everyone. You have to know what to search for.


Then why did you say there is a real videos SECTION?


Oops, that’s what we flat earthers do quite a bit. But then we just think some other shit up to explain our theories.

We don’t rely on facts, science, or math like you globe heads. We use our imaginations.

But it all makes sense.


Facts are solid. Imagination isn’t always real.


Every hypothesis has facts that back it up.


This is so fake LOL. People have so much time to waste with editing videos and adding special effects.

Space travel and satellites do not exist. It’s all fake and lies. So obvious. The turtle would have eaten the ISS if it were real.