The Earth is flat


It’s a simplified model
The sun and moon will do tighter rings in the North American summer and wider rings in the North American winter


That looks more like a globe to me…


yah it kind of does

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What do Ball Earthers have to say about this?


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triangles are always key


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it all make sense now


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One globe head gave me this answer:

“The Earth does not rotate around the sun. It revolves around it. The two types of motion are entirely different.

The Earth rotates (spins) on its axis once every 24 hours (roughly). One rotation is a day.

While it is rotating, it is also traveling in an orbit around the sun → it is revolving around the sun with one revolution being completed every 365 days (roughly). One revolution is a year.

If you can get clear on the motions involved with rotation and revolution, there is nothing left in the question to answer.”

A NASA overlord had this to say:

“What most people fail to recognize and mention is that the length of a day, noon to noon as an example, was determined and defined to be what we currently have so that noon is always noon. It isn’t a coincidence that the sun is always up at its peak every day at the same time (not going to deal with daylight savings right now). The second minute and hour were defined to coincide with the earth’s spin on it’s axis. Therefore, night and day DO NOT switch every six months. The sidereal day does, but not the solar day. Sidereal is the earth’s spin with respect to the stars and solar day is the earth’s spin with respect to the sun.”

But I guess astrophysics is not their strong suit. They’re only good at constructing arguments and faking evidence and using Illuminati magic (math and science).

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But one globe head said, that people living close to the line that defines day and night on your model, would look in one direction and see day, and in the opposite direction they would see night.


Funny thing is, all the globe heads who state such things don’t live near the line. So they can’t prove it, like everything else about their fake ball Earth.

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100% correct. If the sun and moon were not within Earth atmosphere, then we would have ceased to see them long ago, given that the turtle on which flat earth rests, has been traveling since forever. Easy to prove:

  1. Put a football at one end of a very long road.
  2. Drive away from it in a straight line.
  3. Observe that it gets smaller and smaller the further away you get.
  4. After some distance you cannot see it any longer.

Same would happen if the sun was not within our atmosphere.

Now, try that experiment again but like this:

  1. Put the ball on your bonnet and strap it down.
  2. Drive as far as you want, and as fast as you want.
  3. Observe that the ball is always visible.

Impossible on a ball Earth. Wake up people, you have been deceived and lied to all your life about the Earth being a ball. Think for yourselves and you will see the truth. Globes are satanic and evil.

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Think for yourselves people. What makes more sense, this:

A firm and flat earth supported by something, and where everything is stable and rested.

Or this:

Which, in the first place would fall off the turtles back, and secondly, everything would fall off the sides and bottom.

RESEARCH TURTLE DISC EARTH. Stop being deceived.


But a certain globe head said this is a more developed version of the Astrolabe which was designed by Muslim astronomers:

And that the Astrolabe proved the theory of precession.

“Now imagine that you wanted to take the three- dimensional celestial sphere and project it onto a flat, two-dimensional surface. This was the fundamental problem that confronted scholars like Hipparchus, who was born in Nicaea in 180 B.C. Hipparchus kept meticulous records of 850 stars, an activity that led to the discovery of precession (wobbling of Earth on its axis)…”

But then again, why trust the ancients or Islamists right. And that wobbling stuff, pfff! So obviously made up.


You didn’t fully answer one of my previous questions. Why do eclipses happen? We know that turtle poop is not real in space. Why is Saturn actually round? How did people travel around the world without being eaten by the turtle? And again this picture is real.
You flatheads really should stop being deceived. There is still no such thing as turtles in space. Checkmate.


Ferdinand Magellan once traveled around the world in a boat. He started at one point and returned to the same exact point. The US Airforce has done the same thing but with an aircraft. Isn’t this proof that the Earth isn’t flat?


Saturn is flat. That’s why it has a flat ring around it. If it was a globe then the ring would also be globular.

Also, easy to travel around the world. Want proof:

  1. Get in your car and go to a wide open space.
  2. Turn the steering full to one side.
  3. Press the accelerator and see what happens.

You will go round and round. Same thing in aero plane but the circle (perimeter of flat earth) is much much larger. Simple.

P.S. Did you take the photo you posted? If not, then you can’t prove it’s real. All NASA imagery is fake.

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Here’s a picture from Himawari 8 live.


But how could YOU prove it if you’ve never been there? When they traveled around, they didn’t steer. They just went on a straight line.