The Earth is flat


if so then it’s not around the planets


Your fake Illuminati NASA or your institutionalized education tell you that? You can’t prove anything you say. I on the other hand have proved all my points.


Why do astronauts use space suits? Your statements make my brain hurt the same way.


Have you actually been there?
Have you seen the turtle with your own eyes?
Peace out.


There is no such thing as astronauts. Space travel is a lie. The turtle would have eaten them up if they came off the disc.

Unfortunately, you have been brainwashed by your NASA overlords.


Have you been to space? Have you seen the ball Earth with YOUR own eyes?


@Bruce0206 please watch this, he have all the proofs that the Earth is flat …


i just passed out for about 5 seconds


Everybody’s wrong

Earth is a gaming keyboard


Exactly! People around here think they’re so enlightened and clever, but can’t use YouTube properly to find the right videos.

Coincidentally, everything the guy said perfectly reconciles with what I’ve been saying, and that’s the first time I watched that video.

Flat Earth 9 - Ball Earth 0


wow yes we hoo


No, you just closed your eyes for a few seconds


oh really hmmmm
okay what ever you say sean


wait a min then whats this on the dollar bill?

why is it every where?
it’s quite creepy
what’s it mean is it the key to man kinds questions?






Now this is the totally clear proof of a Flat Earth …


i just found this no idea what it has in store meaning i have not watched it.

i’m watching it as we speak
a little bonus video for you guys




The astrolabe is a very ancient astronomical computer for solving problems relating to time and the position of the Sun and stars in the sky. Several types of astrolabes have been made.

Astrolabes are used to show how the sky looks at a specific place at a given time. This is done by drawing the sky on the face of the astrolabe and marking it so positions in the sky are easy to find. To use an astrolabe, you adjust the move able components to a specific date and time. Once set, much of the sky, both visible and invisible, is represented on the face of the instrument. This allows a great many astronomical problems to be solved in a very visual way. Typical uses of the astrolabe include finding the time during the day or night, finding the time of a celestial event such as sunrise or sunset and as a handy reference of celestial positions, there are said to be over a 1000 different uses. Astrolabes were also one of the basic astronomy education tools in the late Middle Ages. Old instruments were also used for astrological purposes.
The history of the astrolabe begins more than two thousand years ago. The principles of the astrolabe projection were known before 150 B.C., and true astrolabes were made at about 2 BC. The astrolabe was highly developed in the Islamic world by 800 and was introduced to Europe from Islamic Spain (al-Andalus) in the early 10th century. It was the most popular astronomical instrument until about 1650, when it was replaced by more specialized and accurate instruments. Astrolabes are still appreciated for their unique capabilities and their value for astronomy education.

The Astrolabe would not be of any value if the earth was a globe!