The Earth is flat


Always happens when globe heads run out of arguments. They resort to insults and question our ‘intelligence’.

No need for insults, try harder to prove your fake ball Earth.

Turtle Disc Earth FTW!


awwww i can’t participate tonight but i’m cooking smores any one want one?


If you want to prove that the Earth is flat, try harder.


Do you actually have any concrete evidence?




Looks like their rendering software isn’t good enough.


Since space isn’t water, the animals would suffocate.


But we are all in space. We’re not suffocating. Try harder your constructed arguments.


We have the atmosphere and gravity that gives us oxygen.


the atmosphere is a ball like sheild around the earth.


I have, watch what schools are teaching …


If you think the pictures taken by NASA are fake, look at how good the CGI was back then.


this explains the planets of our solar system watch or die/pass out


Why was the one on the left ripped?


There is no such thing as gravity. I’ve explained this before.

And the turtle creates the atmosphere through its breathing. Where do you think oxygen comes from?

Do your research, the evidence is all over YouTube.


The greater the mass of an object, the higher the gravitational pull the object has.


Nope. The greater the turtles upward acceleration, the greater the pull of objects toward the Earth. Simple to prove:

Get a turtle, put stuff on its back, throw it up in the air and note how the stuff stays on it’s back. When it starts falling, the objects fly off. That is why the turtle is always moving upward at a 3 degrees gradient. Impossible on a ball Earth.

But I guess geometry is not your strong point.

Flat Earth 8 - Ball Earth 0


The turtle would already be dead because the lack of air in space.
All your turtle points are invalidated. The elephants would be dead, too.


every thing would be dead!!!


But space is full of oxygen. How do you think we are all alive? We are all living in space. Your argument is so illogical it makes my brain hurt