The Earth is flat


There is no such thing as gravity. Who taught you about that? Your institutionalized education I suppose? Or maybe your NASA Illuminati overlords?

And FYI, everything is caused by the turtle. Where you think thunder comes from? It is caused by the turtle farting, and the lightning is caused by the methane gases being ignited by near Earth objects colliding and causing sparks, whereby the gases flash. Impossible on a ball Earth.

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Hmm… The clouds have charged particles inside them.


Why do timezones exist?
And also, a guy tried to launch a rocket to prove that the Earth is flat and failed miserably.
Flat Earth: FE
FE: Fake Evidence.
Round Earth: RE
RE: Real Evidence.


Exactly. Because nothing can break through Earths atmosphere. Now will you believe NASA is a lie. There is no such thing as space travel. The turtle would eat anything that came off the disc.

Easy to prove, put some shiny looking food in front of a turtle and watch it gobble it up.

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Do you even know why time zones exist, IT’S BECAUSE THE EARTH IS CURVED.


No. It’s because different countries set their watches differently.


Have you ever been on a plane from a place at day and arriving at a place where it has a drastic light change?




If the Earth was flat, you would never see a proper eclipse.


No, please watch, how the bear could do this IF gravity would exist :question:

Thats totally clear evidence … watch for yourself :exclamation:



God himself just send me this picture

ok ok joke…pls don’t kill me


Nope, the Earth isn’t curved (except at the edge of the disc), it only appears that way because your eyes are round. The curvature that you see is actually the rounded edge of your eye.

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Try sending a weather balloon with a camera.


Eclipse is caused by the turtles poop flying off into space and blocking the sun temporarily.


I seriously doubt that turtle poop is round, and the only round thing orbiting the Earth is the moon.


Camera lenses have the same problem. They are round, so the curve you see is actually the edge of the lens. Check mate globe head.



Which Moon :question:



I think I just found the reason flat-earthers exist.