The Earth is flat


Can a flat earther explain the sun for me?

and moon?


okay fine give me sec to pack every thing up.


Hilarity will ensue my friend.


Why are other planets round?


Nope … they are all flat AND they can talk to each other,
here is the proof …


put water in a bucket, put a rope in the bucket handle, spin the bucket around with the rope, and proof yourself the opposite, water does curve


Nasa isnt even the main space thingy anymore, there are so many, every single one tells the same tho…


wait what about the sun i thought it could talk too?
oh here it is

Image result for amazing world of gumball planet song


If the Earth isn’t flat, then how do you explain waves?

Waves are caused by the motion of the turtle that carries the Earth. Put a dish of water on a turtles back and watch the water as it moves. It goes from side to side causing waves. Not possible on a ball Earth.

Photo courtesy of FLASA. Taken by going to edge of ice wall and flinging camera into space.

P.S. gravity is a lie. The downward force of objects on Earth is caused by the turtles constant upward motion. Impossible on a ball Earth.


Finally someone who gets me


Simple. Globe heads be like:




Is the sun flat too?


Can’t you see the shape of the light emitting surface of the lamp?

P.S. Everything is flat. Boobs are a lie.


Thats the version @Wepwawet believes in …


Oh this topic is still alive


100% friend. These globe heads, pfff!

Notice the tilt of the water surface. This is caused by the acceleration of the turtle when it flaps its rudders. This causes the water to move to the back of the disc. When it slows down, the water moves to the front. Hence waves, hence vanishing point of objects in the moving water.

Easy to prove. Put a dish of water on a car roof, as it takes off, watch the water move to the rear. When it brakes, the water moves to the front. Impossible on a ball Earth.

Flat Earth 3 - Ball Earth 0


Wow - how did you know that :question:

Because its true, I just found the proof for it …


I learned about Turtle Disc Earth on YouTube. Sad that I was silly enough to believe in a ball Earth all this time. Ball Earth is a lie, do some research. Also easy to prove:

Put a ball on a turtles back and see if it doesn’t fall off. Balls can’t be balanced on a turtle, only discs.

Flat Earth 4 - Ball Earth 0


Yes, I also changed my mind now, because I found also totally clear evidence …

If the Earth would be a Globe all would fall of in Australia …



Gravity is cause by the activity below the Earth…
…Which aren’t caused by a turtle.

The waves are probably caused by the small gravity of the moon.