The drone that always wanted

After a weekly bonus finally today they gave me what I wanted more than anything I wanted since I got a long time something that I needed for my mech a heat drone the first heat drone

Finally I have the nemo drone now I need the other drone of heat I think it was called clash to complete the drone family


what about swoop and windforge

I do not know that kind of drone

Is this one?

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why not murmur? *decreases cooling

Lol you have 5 of the same drone

Oh the Nemo? It’s a good little drone. I do use it myself, but what I want is a Clash. Although again, Nemo is good enough.

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I want heat ami drones only I appear the energy and physical I am a heat mech so I want physical drones or energy XD

now to improve to legendary something that is very easy I think that’s why I get miticos quickly I have easy to improve things to legend for miticos xD