The documentary of RamBoys

Here , we are currently watching ramboys in the their naturla habitat , the dry lands…
Most of our crew has been carefully studying and helping them survive , because they almost went extinct due to over killing for these so called ‘‘Fortune Boxes’’ that they can give as loot every once in a while.

But now , due to them almost going extinct , they got smarter … They learned to hide away their ‘‘Fortune Boxes’’ , so the hunters lost inerest.

We interviewed some hunters to see what and why did they stop killing them.

~ So why did you stop hunting / killing the Ramboys? - interviewer said
~ During the last couple of months i , and other skilled hunters have noticed that they began acting strangely smart , they started to hide away their precious so called loot ‘‘Fortune Boxes’’ in obscure locations , thus when their poplation was <1000 , we decided to give up , since for the last 5000 ramboys mercelesly killed , none of them droped their precious ‘‘Fortune boxes’’
~ Would you consider hunting them if they started to show their loot out in the open?
~ Yeah , totally.

Our crew went on to observer their behaviour , and it was … Rather strange for such small creatures.

They knew what they were doing , they were placed 3 in each little camp of theirs. It was fascinating to observe them… Untill we started seeing them doing suspicious things…
They observed our hidden cameras and instantly freaked out.

They started screaming , running away… Almost as if… They were trying to find us.

Days went on and they found us , surprisingly , the Ramboys were able to speak.
What they said was shocking.

~ Please , for the love of god … Stop hunting us , we are having sever issues with our families .
Here , have these remaining ‘‘Fortune boxes’’ of ours , its the last we have. BUT PLEASE! Leave us alone!

We’re shocked , took the gifts and left.





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