The 'devastating range' changed after the update

before the update the weapons that most damage were in the 2-4 range , now its 4-8. the heat/energy damages has changed there proportions drastically, that is a weapon with extreme heat damage(like lava scope had some 50-60 damage while heat damage was 80. but now there are several weapons with 80 heat but does more than double that damage(i.e 160 or more)

Hi @unni2013 could you add a bit more detail to what you mean?

An update that just occurred or the SM reloaded update that happened a while ago?

Which weapons changed range?

SM reloaded changed things up quite drastically but is quite balanced (more so than it was!)

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Speaking about update, do you know what changes the 10.4 brought ? or am I late and I didn’t noticed this before…^^

No idea :slight_smile: I’m just a forum moderator.

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ok ^^ I asked to know ^^ Let’s wait to see what will happen then…

i am talking about the notorious update the veterans were talking about, after which it is almost a new game.
how do you measure balance of a game, i don’t know. may be you should agree on something as ‘standard’ to compare the current state to. the randomness of the way in which different players get different items is sure to make the game unbalanced. i will consider it somewhat balanced if in pvp , nobody can beat any other (or make the other inactive with heat/energy damage)in , say less that 8-10 turns.

So you mean the Reloaded update which came few monthes ago…

yes…it is

The update fixed a lot of problems. Namely the introduction of a new better item every few months that was then needed to be the top mech.

It has already lead to an increase in variety of mechs being used even though there are currently less items.

Although a bit more complicated and grinding for epics can be tiresome It is far more interesting gameplay.

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more interesting ,yes; because everyday i can do some amount of upgrading , which was not always so before the update. again, how can you claim something about ‘balanced’ if you don’t have any way to measure it

The only decent 2-4 range weapons now drop less, way less. Noobs have little to no ability to catch up, enticing them to spend real dollars. Most battles against the big guys are in the 2-4 range. All of the assist weapons, (like charge and harpoon) bring closer, not farther. So it is biased towards close range which are unavailable. Long range weapons are effectively useless if the guy you are fighting is a close range person.

The people with the best close range win. End of story. The only reason to fight the long range fight is if both of you are long range.

Annihilation, bunker shell, high level flame throwers, and abomination arent dropping any more. The older players that still have them are at a marked advantage. It is just a short term thing to get some noobs to drop coin in effort to rack up quick cash. Spending tokens usually suck, and once they figure it out and leave we will have a dead game with bots with 6 max myths still at 10. The money spenders have spent and the new guys wont drop more that a hundred or so once they figure out drops are crap.