The current state of the game, and some changes


During my time suspended, I witnessed as a bystander many events in the game and forum, such as the buffing and unbuffing of the seraph blade, the emp, and the heat bomb, along with the complete shake-up of what it took to be a top player and what it takes now.
I have noticed, ever since the adding of the claw, that this is an essential item to become a top player. In fact, it seems you need multiple of these in order to stay on top. This seems to be because physical mechs (and in fact, all mechs!) need the large amount of health in order for more module weight, so they can pack large amounts of energy to try and resist the immensely powerful EMP. (This also goes for the Heat bomb, although for now it seems to not be as much as a threat…)
As a result of these new, much desired items, physical and energy have been dominating lately. Not dominating in a good way, as some mech types are completely blocked from ever having a chance. What I don’t want (and I think you shouldn’t want this too…) is only two mechs types that can make the top. These new changes seem to mainly affect boilers, often because of heat weapons immense weight. Because these heats can only pack so many weapons, they are unable to deal enough damage to kill these monster claw mechs, much less even overheat them. I am aware the heat bomb can do this, but it is not a good weapon for the user.
Damage heats are not completely barred, although it is significantly harder.
I am not sure how everyone else feels, but my drive to move up from my ranks and reach the top ranks is completely gone for now, as it seems to be a very unbalanced place right now.
Sorry for the long explanation, but here is my proposal:
-I propose that the claw’s Hp is nerfed down to 680, and its weight at mythical increased to 169. My hopes for this is that it will force claw users to pack less modules, as well as make them beatable.
-I also propose that the emp is nerfed. I do not know what to nerf it to, but it needs a nerf. This way, the claw users after said nerf are not immediately trampled.
-I also propose the Seraph blade is boosted to a maximum damage of around 430. This makes it useful, but not overpowered.
Finally, in order to help the struggling heat mechs, I propose that the weight of heat weapons is reduced by 30%. This will allow them to pack more weapons, and with creative building fight their way to the top ranks. As of now, heat mechs have the heaviest weapons aside from the mercy, which seems unfair considering mass heaters plight right now.

As of writing this, I am a rank 7, which means two things-

  1. Since I do not own any of these items, and since I am not even close to a top player, I am unbiased on the subject. None of this is for personal gain in the game, and I simply wish for the top ranks to be balanced so that when I finally reach them (in a long time probably XD) it will be a place worth fighting for.
    2.Since I am a measly rank 7, I do not have personal insight into the top players plight. Therefore, I have no experience with this matter besides what I have read on many threads. I have tried my best to listen to both sides, and even though it is impossible to please everyone, I hope this comes across as a good idea.

Keep in mind, specifics can be changed in suggestions below.
And my apologies for writing this wall of text. Hopefully someone had the strength to read it XD


I have to sign off for the day, so I won’t be able to answer any questions.
I please ask, don’t start any fights. It will result in the topic being closed and unlisted. If many people agree with this, I would like it to be heard.



Yep, Agreed on this one

Kinda? I mean I’m not a Heat main but some can kill some with the right

This’ll make Claw users disagree since they’ll lose a lot of HP… Though the weight being made into 169 isn’t necessary since it would already lost so much HP

Maybe 25%? I don’t know since again, I’m not a Heat main

Time wasn’t wasted btw


i would agree to a weight increase for the claw, maybe a 30-40kg increase if you’d ask me

because who the heck uses mobility anymore for it to be a significant strategy gain


You fast rascal, I was planning to create a topic on balancing out the game which included a couple of these changes.

My thought: Also make the weight 47 kgs, energy consumption 12, heat consumption 51 and res damage 11

What it is now: SERAPHBLADE(L) (49) 1-2 Range 234-376 PysDmg -12 PysRes (13/50 Cost)

Energy damage decreased to 330
What it is now: EMP (27) 2-4 Range 37-61 ElDmg 393 EnDmg 1 Uses (393/0 Cost)

Weight around 156, HP to 770
What it is now: THE CLAW(L) (150) 0 Move 860 HP 226-314 PysDmg 1 Push

I was thinking 13% weight reduction and 13% heat damage increase.

ALSO, make Greedy drone energy free as it’s prem item that no one uses and is quite weak. Why not make it energy free.

EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf

Is Seraph back to normal now or does it still have different stats than before?


Back to how it was 2 weeks ago


Good to read your novel mate.
Good insights as well.
Some misreadings though. Current #1 is a notorious pure heater. El_metre



You got me laughing now