The contest of short stories about Supermechs is declared open

nice fuqing try…

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@The_Yo_Yo_Man… Don´t publish your story here. Write it in Word format and send it to me.

And write in English, please. You can do it.

I have seen that some would like to participate but suddenly they don´t feel encouraged. Come on! It’s a contest to have some fun. Write a story and send it!

You never know. Maybe you have a hidden talent and win the prize! And there will always be someone who can help you write.

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and if you win the best story and it is from that person that the sponsor of this contest hates and always accuses cheat, will you give the prize? will you turn your hatred away and admit that it is the best story? I know someone who has been in this game for a long time and I am sure that because of the experience here he has a good story to tell, from the beginning how the energy, physical and heat mechs were created. Each of these types has a remote history for a long time weather. :slight_smile: That story is already written and sure will be the best

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Should I PM you the story or should I just put it on here? Because the story I made is literally a long epilogue for my original story.
(Wait is it a prologue if it is before the story?)

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Write your story! And do not worry, the selection will be impartial!

PM…!!! The stories published here are not valid for the contest …! Send it in Word format to me by private message.

Wait…can i just re type it here or a new one?

k. I will PM it. (Though it is a long story. Keep in mind.)

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I suggest a new story. Or maybe the same, modified. You have a few days to polish and prepare your story.

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Time to make a new one…but frist i need a break lol.

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I have never done any work or anything in Word format, I do not even have the slightest idea of how it is done, I just write in this game

You can ask for help from someone who knows how it is done. What happens is that in Word format it is better presented.

Here is my poem. Please consider it for entry.

Once upon a time SuperMechs was a good game. Now it’s nerfed into the depths of hell and has become so lame.

I can’t stand playing it anymore, so when will I decide to walk out the door.

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Either way I will be full of sorrow.

I spent my time I spent my money, for what I got it’s not even funny.

SuperMechs SuperMechs oh how you fell. Tacticsoft Tacticsoft you can go to hell!

The End.


Don´t post it here. Send it to me by private message. The stories published here will not be taken into account for the contest.

Hello!! There are already 2 writers who sent their stories.

IMPORTANT: we are going to make a small change in the rules, since some people find difficult to write in Word and then send it.

You can write it directly in the body ofmessage and then send to me. Pls. take care of separation of paragraphs, or general presentation. Because that will also be valued.



Hmm. . . I was planning on indulging in creating my story. . . But, a writer can make do! I’ll try to see if I can get my story wrapped up before the deadline!

Best of luck to fellow authors!

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You have 10 days to do it. Ahead!!

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I…haven’t Word in my pc…

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Write it directly in the message you send me.