The contest of short stories about Supermechs is declared open

About the works

  • The complete story (including the title) should not be longer than a sheet of A4 size, written in any letter and any size of letter, provided it is perfectly legible. Present it as a Word document or write it directly in the private message you send me.

  • Write preferably in English.

  • The content of story can be varied, but you should always refer to a situation related to Supermechs, be it a work entirely fiction, a real life story and even autobiographical.

  • You can write in prose or verse. Images are not accepted.

  • The nickname or real name of any player should not be mentioned in the story.

  • Don´t publish your story here !. Send it to me by private message. The stories published here will not be taken into account for the contest.

About deadlines and selection:

  • The deadline for submitting the papers ends on April 30.

  • They must be sent by private message to Wepwawet.

  • All works will be reviewed. Those works that don´t meet the requirements, will be returned to the author and he/she will have a period of 24 hours to correct and send it again.

  • Once all the works have been collected, they will be published anonymously so that the community can vote for the best ones. Then the jury will vote. The vote of the jury worth the same as all the votes of community. That is, if there are 20 voters in total, the jury vote is worth 20.

  • The quality of presentation will be taken into account.

About the awards:

Two prizes will be awarded:

  • Best story: 500 tokens

  • Second best story: 300 tokens.

  • Prizes will be awarded 1 week after the deadline for presentation of the works.

Good luck, writers! To work!!


Wow. I Guess you’re a new supermechs staff


Absolutely not! It is done entirely by the community and for the community. The staff is out of this. The prize of a private donation of anonymous character.

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I just confused how can the prizes will be awarded into acc?

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It´s the only thing that the prize donor will need help with. To transfer the tokens. It´s all the intervention that staff will have.


Want to send a story, Lannister? You must have a good story to tell.

I also need 1 or 2 more people to join me as a jury.

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let me make a suggestion based on my experience, you must establish the font type and size as well as spacing or line spacing 1.5 arial font spaces or times new Roman and size 10, so that all are equal, since depending on the size of the font can fit more lines on an A4 sheet as it affects and the line spacing


Oh. No. Thanks. My english not really so good.


Yes I’ve thinked about it. Normally in story contests these guidelines are established.

What happens is that I wanted to give a little flexibility and not so many rules. Personally, I like to write, but Im disappointed a little if they put too many rules.

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Mine neither. You don´t need to be Shakespeare.

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Best story- 2 highly nerfed premium purple packs
Second best story- 3 rare power kits


Don´t remind me!..


Oh boy. Time to kick start my fiction writing career :wink:


Wow… sounds like my school English assignment. lol

Nice of you to do this… But I don’t think I will participate. But letting you know I may change my mind at some point if it helps for you to know now.



y button is broken so i ust type without the letter

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Wait…let me bring my words…
That i sended last time.

If you have a google translation…please translate it into English.

Supermech je bio vemoa dobra igra kad se napravio…ja sam vec udruzio kad je napravljen…ukoliko znam da igra imalo oko 30000 ljudi…
Sta god da je od danas je postalo mtrvo ko konj,ionako zelim da jos zivi.Ukoliko znam da nisam bio veoma dobar kad je napravljen…
Communikacija i ljudi nisu bili…malo dobri na mojoj opciji…
Scamuju svadjaju i tako dalje…ukoliko znam da ocu i bolju comunikiaciju…
O igri sam obozavao…sve staro…i naravno reoloaded…
Ta igra se uvek promeni ukoliko znam…i tak se secam…kako i jest…
God mode…i ostalo su uredu…i naravno myth je super…
Znam da je bilo legy na pocetku,a kasnije myth su napravili…koji mi je super…I sad ste mislili da je lako dobiti…ne.
Jos gore za sada…ali je uredu…myth je myth.
God moda nedostajem za sada…bio je veoma dobar…
Ionako ja uvek mislim da je zlikovac…Ha smesno.
2017 supermech je bilo meni cudno…
Neznam kako jer nisam bio tu…
Pricanje da nisam bio tu…oni nemogu ni cuvati profile…ukljucucjuci facebook.
2018…Pocetak problema je pocelo…
Za ovo…ja bi voleo da ova igra jos zivi i da bude veoma dobar…i naravno bez problema…hvala sto ste me citai…


Translate all my launguage to English…It’s Serbian launguage…

Have a nice day.

P.S: google translate will might make translating a litle problem…but ok.

Copyright by The Yo Yo Man.

There we go lel

Click Baited


What Serbian Language?
31 AM

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Lel google translate problem…

Foq i got clickbaited…



But yeah thanks.

Retarded google translate…change it to Serbian.

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