The Claw - Weight at mythical tier has been fixed


Only is a personal opinion does not require those characteristics since it refers to my personal perspective in relation to a certain topic that is why I do not mention users, when I want to address some user I do it frontally that you know by your own experiencoa


I don’t understand in what God Mode was OP…

Diamond Shell was most for me…
OP resistances, OP core stats, and even a common HP module is turned into a tanking module with it…


Ok, you shoot out all your ammo and enemy have a lot of hp and you on low, so that give you a god mode, “extra” turns. And for diamond shield in perfect need a repair drone


Like dirt, i got used to it (:


it just like de spartan carnage in legedary de weight is very hg but if you upgrade de claws of spartan dan you lost de weight


dat de only 2 myhtical dat can lose de weight


The Claw’s weight is now the same from L+M. So sorry to burst your bubble, but only Spartan Retains that “unique” ability.