The Claw - Weight at mythical tier has been fixed


are there any utilities equipped like a hook, charge, tele

(in regards to the dual spartan dual mercy build)


parece por fin entienden el sentimiento de las mythplates. En mi opinión la shop se cargo las mythplates, las legs solo dan flexibilidad a todos los tipos de mechs en general. La cosa es que te salgan y eso, es evidente frustra a muchos, nunca he tenido placas de vida míticas, es probable nunca me salgan XD!


a week earlier, you answered yourself today:

U quickly changed the color…

just not to be unfounded, and to remind:


weight = 169 ok.
weight = 109 bad.

This is not the only one to be too well equipped.

Valiant Sniper


Nope, just a hook. Im actually not using this build; mercys bring too much weight. Was an example of what the weight of claw allows you to build…


you have 6 platinum plates, arent you happy?


Mate, misfit explained many times that we have to “let go” about the plat plates :wink:


R.I.P Sparked Runners


ah alriteys. would be nice with a 50% energy shield tho


no I answered you on a completely different issue in a post where you called me and several of my friends hackers. but sure, that’s the same thing right? god, you’re such a bitter wee shite.

no, we changed the subject fucknut.

it is unfounded as you’re making a false equivelence between two different situations. happy to explain it to you, though. I lied actually, I’m not happy having to talk with you again.

yeah, let’s all never listen to players who paid money on the game on any subject ever because they’re filthy horrible selfish people pay to support a game yoy play so you dont have to. that’s super productive and useful to the discussion.

I litterally can’t be fucked dealing with clowns such as you two in a civil manner anymore. people like you are the other thing that turns me off from staying here. from the start people like you instead of channeling energy towards the developers and fostering change you decide to attack players who have myth items. I can be angry about the claw without calling everyone who has them a hacker and refusing to listen to their opinions. you sorts of people are the nattering bafoons who have obstructed any chance of a productive conversations on the direction of this game since the start and its about time someone told you sorts of cunts to ■■■■ off.

so, ■■■■ off.


Cool you nuts brother

Yours mechfully,

Amatur Chotiya


have you finished? . .


It seems really foolish to see some who applaud and acclaim this item for the sole fact of having it, that only shows the very little intelligence they possess and the nonexistent ability to make an impartial and balanced analysis. in the end everyone will be affected when the game comes to an end. I notice that some mention things like “it seems totally fair” or “undoubtedly good news” among some other nonsense, those really do not have the slightest idea what they do in this game, because at the end of the road many players will go and the game will gradually disappear due to the imbalances, then those fools that today applaud so that it will serve them to have 1000 claw when the game disappears.


Nobody thinks this is balanced, the claw is most op item in game.
Dont get mad at somebody for making a good build out of it…


Bro, the we had exacty the same kind of things said:
-after reload (off course)
-after introduction of vaillant snipers
-after introduction of magma blast and bunker shell
-after introduction of shocker face
-after 2v2 update
-after arena shop update
-every 2 weeks about plat plates

“Game is diying” kindof stuff.
Being neutral and actually agreing with most of the complains: im still here, biggest complainers are still here, game is not dead.

So long.


Ha ha ha.
The same thing was said by missy on weps topic about myth plates.
Yet nobody insulted missy for beeing arogant and having 6 plates, did they?
Yep the claw is OP, but so are the plates.
Why rant about it to be nerfed, but when a nerf to the platplats was called… all hell broke loose from those that had it.
Be fair and reapectfull and polite.


I said it befor, there will always be new carrots, and will always be mules chasing them.
It is up to evrybody to express their opinion, in a polite manner, but when you draw the line, make it a straight one, and keep to it.
Fairplay towards all.
Well they addiction is a hard thing, i know, after i quit smokeing, quiting the game was the next thing i fought just as hard.


Think about those that dont have the claw, nor plates… how should they feel?
They were at a disadvantage befor, against platplats users… now they are at a disadvantage against claw users… and pretty f… against those that have both.


This item is like the god mode from the previous era. Somehow different than the others (in the case of god mode the negative resistance and in this case that it can’t move).
I think its exactly the same situation… if you remember when they introduced god mode it was so OP that everybody who had it was almost undefeatable. They nerfed and nerfed it over the years but it was still OP.
Then reloaded came and we are at the same situation. Not sure if the devs misjudged this again by accident or made it on purpose again.


Carrots-disapointment-purchases-still disapointment-sometimes good purchases-you pass on the carrot side-new carrot. And the loop starts back.
You blend in some addiction, eventually some friends/friendly in game relationship.

Money in the pocket