The Claw - Weight at mythical tier has been fixed


Thats what im saying, i had dual spartan and single mercy build at the time. Nightfall is madatory or any range 2 weapon. Because of this very specisic situation.


Well it is tricky to pull a dual spartan build without legs that move.
Only made one build with dual spartan, remember?
It had dual platplats.
Lets move to pm… new weight provides new builds.


Yup turned back to these 2 builds we came up with yesterday. I had to change the claw build to save weight and equip utilities (pb with electricians). I turned back to these, Difference is now the claw build is equiped with full utilities.


What the ■■■■ is this? As if I didn’t already have zero chance against people with Claw(s)



Every time you have question for them, and they isn’t answer. Stability attribute of prosperity yea?


for those who think that now phys are OP.
A good energy mech with claws still remain the most OP. Imagine players like 0_0 or someone else with a balanced mech…


New lightest item in game , scew it im building a beast phys mech


Why… just… fucking… why.
And yes I cursed for the fifteyith time. I HATE MY HORRIBLE LUCK.



@Misfit unninstal the game


I feel afraid, this thing is very op I want one more than a mythic hp now, I want 4 more, to do mech op


The craps
and prem - twice, if else spent tokens - three, and for a separate sale offer by 99.99 - five


good news sin duda XD!


Wow, I’ve really never heard of this game… Thanks for posting this, I have to try it - love the graphics!


Me parece totalmente justo, los energy siempre andan con 4 o 5 armas, los físicos siempre dependíamos de usar 3 armas, al menos así podremos tener 2 armas no usan energía y 2 que si usan.
< Otra razón me parece justo es porque, nunca quitaron el uso de la energía al drone.
< Igual esto beneficia a los heat, que estaban muy limitados por el peso, yo no veo razones para quejarse, solo es cosa que te salgan y armar nuevas builds.
< Las mythplates es probable se vuelvan algo secundario, ya no tan importante en la competitividad como antes.


OK now im triggered
i couldn’t get them when they came out, heard that at max tier they gained 60 weight and now THIS!

im just gonna go to my safety corner and cry about it… dont mind me


Congrats on being a top player now
That new build is genius


All this really makes one wonder if the devs even play this game at all. Really, WTF with this item?

Not being able to move is a tiny sacrifice compared to the low weight and massive HP. It’s just silly!

How often do you see an energy mech move from its start position? Think about it.

Even if I had claws, this would still make me feel uneasy. Just watch over the next 2 seasons at what will happen in arena. Turret wars where nobody moves, and whoever starts first, wins.

Change name to Super Turrets please.


i gotta say it’s crazy, but i hope they dont change the weight anymore. this is like the next valiant if you think about it, sure energy mechs will have an upper advantage using valiant and the claw but other builds will be able to rise too!



it was atleast sort of balanced before since it had more weight than rollers, but now its LIGHTER with way more HP.

and, yeah, I know, it doesn’t move. but you have tele, hook and charge to attatch. and battles last, what? 5 rounds at most, how much of a hindrence is the movement thing? yet another example of developers misunderstanding their own game because they don’t play it in my opinion.

I’m here, matching for battles after spending 2k tokens trying to get these damn claws being matched with people who have 2 of them. 2 mechs with these claws. even though I still win most of my battles, each time I match with one I just feel humiliated. I feel stupid. I feel embarassed.

I don’t want to feel the way I feel playing this game anymore.

either I have moments of severe boredom where it feels like a chore, constantly grinding to build up my mechs. then when I’m done I get brief satisfaction before they unload another new item. up till this point I was gulible enough to pay for it everytime but now I just feel like total horseshit when I should be enjoying myself. I always felt like the people who didnt get myth plates were exagerating how bad it was to be left out but I really get it now. this just sucks. sucks big throbbing donkey dick. ■■■■ this.

whatever, I’m tired, I should go to bed.