The Claw - Weight at mythical tier has been fixed


726/235 by Zac??? very-very-very gooood.
It’s deadly good with two spartans and void

but I think that two mercys is excessive in this bild. One is enough IMHO



Sadistic Laughing noises


My prediction is another portal shall soon come with another new heat/energy item that completely aniliate or shut down a physical mech in a unique way in order to counter this monstrousity of a mech sooner or later , so dont be worried just yet


Excuse me what the ■■■■


Yes …

  • 17 kg Weight

  • 978 Explosive Damage

  • 357 Heat Damage

  • 54 / 54 / 54 Restistance Drain (all types)

  • 1-9 Range

  • Uses unlimited

  • 0 Energy Cost

  • 0 Heat Cost

Great game :exclamation:


P.S.: available soon in Item Portal … great increased Drop Rates … from 0 % to 0 % :exclamation:


This is Too OP


The pumpkin fits very good


Was just to show what the weight allows to build… replaced by anni, added charge engine. Full utility on this fat ass is mandatory.


Tanker Claw Mechs -------->White_Baby_MSA_win2<-------You


for one step the stomp is enough and heavy damage with freecost


Isnt that just flaming scope except with an OP range ?


Thats what we came up with @El_Metre yesterday. Yesterday just hook. Today full utilities.

You need another weapon for range 2 in fact. For corners and/or in case you run out of amo with mercy @11_11


Better then platpltes… actualy better then 1.25 platplates…
Ha ha ha ha ha… doesnt move… no problem… dual teleport, hook, charge, and wepons that hot in thr 400 ish dmg… welcome to the face rolling on keyboard game.
Soon to be implemented, Autopilot in the Arena.


No shit.

Have you tried the :heartpulse: button?


Thank you :smiley:

20 chars


You dont… mercy hits for 400, drone for 200, hook/charge for 200… you do the math for 3 mercy strikes…


Well Lanni why leave now?
You are the official new LOTL.


Happened to me this morning 2 times. At range 2; me: mercy + spartan. The guy: nightfall + nighteagle. Until the corner. Me: tp+ spartan. The guy: hook + stomp. Me: fak
2300+ hp dude with savior and claws btw


Then? Charge and stomp you, mercy and hook next round… he stomps you again, then mercy and nightfall… didnt stomp you… stomp and mercy… then if he not dead… you are f…altho doubts if he not dead.


a more precise depiction of claw mechs in game right nowcom
Art by the metal slug defense forum team