The Claw - Weight at mythical tier has been fixed


Guys, so i was playing arena. Testing out claw set ups. and so went to workshop. And boom noticed that i had 50 spare kgs on the build.

Guys, breath in, they nerfed or corrected (İDK) the weight at mythical tier for claws, stays 109kg. So i just added a annihilation. The build is now officially ridiculous.




Nothing to add. Absolutely WTF


Lightest. Strongest. Most Durable. Can’t move but who does that anyways.

This thing is a beast


I thought 1st April is done :exclamation: :question:



That thing is op


Unfortunately for those not having them, ain’t no joke.


this radical change of situation.


lol time to leave this game hahaha


Officially game changer item


If they really REDUCED the weight from 169 to 109 kg …

(before it raised from Legendary 109 kg to Mythical 169 kg)

… so lets compare again …

-25 kg for +409 HP seems a great deal - is ridiculous … MUST be a JOKE :exclamation:
(compared to the Rolling Beasts - one of the best “legs” around)


Compared to the previous best item a Platinum Plate …

40 kg … 315 HP

Only changing the previous best legs Rolling Beasts to The Claw compared to a Platinum Plate means NOW :
65 kg safed + 94 HP … the new best item :exclamation:

And the cannot-walk-or-jump thing can easy be ignored, with that high HP and a lot of moving items (also with double use) :exclamation:


The reason why certain players - again - cannot get this item … so many accidents :exclamation:

Weight - The Claw
New Item Portal - The Claw

I think they messed up the order. They wanted to release it with 109 weight and after everybody spent thousands of tokens to get it… then nerf it to 169 kg. They’ve just made a mistake and released it with the future nerfed weight.


@Fluxeon, heat (so heavy weapons) player has 2 of these. We are in deep shet. They are off course good on any type of builds, but the heaters who got them… We’ll see


Lol i dont know thats good news or bad news


@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny

Can you fix this ISSUE please :exclamation:


Before the weight from The Claw raised from Legendary 109 kg to Mythical 169 kg - now it was changed to stay at 109 kg :question:


Or just state that the Game finishes NOW :exclamation:

  • new best item … The Claw

  • Top Players (a lot, not all) had NO CHANCE to get it with Item Portal, doesnt matter how much time and money they invested

  • @tacticsoft REDUCED now the weight :question:

:question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:


Well, i have got 2x the claw.
Was planning to max modules first but in this case…
These legs are my babies now, need to take care of them :smiley:


I just have no words.


2x spartan + 2x mercy oh dear…
I wish i had one of them


Holy shit…
It can’t move but damn,for the lightest and sturdiest item yet,this is bad news…
An electrician or a smurf that can pack all-range weaponry and have health compared to a physical’s.
In that case,mobility is not an issue anymore.
That,right there,is an invincible sentry.
Maybe add just 1 more plate to make it surely kill-proof then add core modules (7 0_0) to make it almost undrainable and to counter heat.
This is a turn of events that is really gonna change the pace for those who have them.


OP too