The Claw way to OP - The Claw needs a nerf

Here the facts …

Since The Claw is invented f2p players, players with bad luck (who still do not have The Claw) AND players with not best items (L-M) have NO chance to win against players WITH The Claw :exclamation:

Therefor a NERF from The Claw is a MUST BE DONE :exclamation:


Give The Claw the original weight 169 kg and 160 HP less :exclamation:
Problem The Claw solved :exclamation: :white_check_mark:



Yes. Many people agree with you. I have no preference however. I just hope people do not strongly argue in this thread. :grin:


As the owner of 4 The Claws, I strongly agree.

The nerf you suggest was my suggestion after it was released. I advocated for the original weight nerf which was set at 150kg, although I suggested the 169kg. Plus a HP reduction of around 150-200 would be fair.

The Claw is a cancer in this game for people that have neither PP or the Claw. They are doomed.

I would actually be in favour of its removal from the game, or make its stats slightly better than the yellow wheelchair, but let it walk by 1. Leave the stomp damage but reduce the HP to around 600.

Platinum plate complainers can keep complaining. This thread IS NOT about Platinum Plate. Stay on topic please.


Though, I agree, Will this be even implemented?

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Given Mohadib’s post. I’d take it they’d see our opinions on these items and likely nerf said items.

I’d like to see some sort of nerf to these items that’s actually balanced. (Or near).

it’s unclear whether or not they will do such a thing. I mean VS has reigned for so long

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Make it weight 300kg so no one will use it :smile:

As an energy mech, The Claw users are one of the easiest ones for me, but when I’m using the claw I’m dead.


Here is the crux of the problem…

The Claw is basically the poor man’s Platinum Plates

  • If you nerf the Claw, you will significantly handicap F2P players
  • We can talk all sorts of nerfs all day long, but if it does get nerfed, you need to give F2P players, a compensatory buff

Proposed Solution:

  1. Nerf the claw as you suggest
  2. Give a compensatory increase to Iron Plating. Basically allowing it to go up to Legendary level.

Current Iron Plating goes up to +145 HP Max Epic
Allow it to go up to +180-190HP Max Legendary
This is still nowhere close to Plat Plates (+315 HP), but makes up for the weakening of the Claw, and allows more players to stay competitive

I’m not sure of the stats, but I would believe the bulk of income comes from a large majority of players paying small amounts each, rather than a few spending crazy amounts (though I’m sure that helps)

The better business model, and enjoyable and balanced game, comes from many players feeling like they have a chance. Making it too difficult to compete turns a lot of players away (I know it would for me, and I pay a small amount each month)

I do believe this is the best solution. There are some other potential nerfs to the claw (eg. Maxing charge and teleport to 4) but as stated in the Weight and Strategy thread, movement has to become a bigger factor first.

  • Nerf the Claw only
  • Buff the Iron Plates only
  • Nerf the Claw and Buff Iron Plates
  • Other (and explain)

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They’re just as expensive actually,but it seems some got 3-4 of them very fast while the Plat Plates are another story…


Totaly agree with you.
I diddn’t even fight any claws at pvp but i think it’s too op.

Btw im your 10th like.
Thank me later.

End me for saying that.

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May be just snatching the claws stomp power

what r u doin the claw is slightly unbalanced how becuse it has high hp but lowering its dmadge will make it balance

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when is the gold portal coming out?

I don’t wanna insult u in front of all these people but the players who hide behind the claw ( coz if they lose the claw they will become completely trash players again )
They only tell that it’s balanced or slightly unbalanced
It needs a big nerf in hp weight and damage
And if ur having problems
I think @bestplayerintheworld can tell u better

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Tomorrow or later.

The claw needs to be nerfed. As the owner of a Plat Plate, I can do little to nothing vs. dual Claw setups. The Claw is much better than any Plat Plate (Offering an additional 400-ish hp as opposed to PP’s additional 150-ish).

The claw is not the F2P’s PP. Quite the opposite. Only a slim number of people got the Claw from the portal, much less afterwards, while PPs can be found in abundance on all sorts of builds in an assortment of ranks. The Claw ≥ 2 Platinum Plates.

The solutions as I see it are to take away the stomp ability completely, as suggested by @Eneginner or reduce there hp by ~200-250 and increase the weight.


PP’s additional boost in HP is 170. Still a massive difference in comparison to claws 400+

For 150, the claw packs around 2.5 iron plates worth of hp without actually gaining a balance weight when compared to iron boots.

So really, it should be nerfed. As previously stated to 169 weight, 700 HP. There is no reason for such a light pair of legs (when HP to weight ratio is taken into consideration) to dish out ani level dmg. While boosting your normal stats by a metric ass ton.


Every single word you wrote is 100% correct :exclamation:




Thank you ALL for the great responses … @Mohadib I think most of all players agree to do the right thing … see below all these agreements …


Give The Claw the original weight 169 kg and 160 HP less :exclamation:
Problem The Claw solved :exclamation: :white_check_mark:


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