The Claw - suggestion for a change

After I read so many voices that The Claw is still OP, I would suggest following …

The Claw

Nerf was needed :exclamation:

Nerf could have been different :exclamation:
As suggested -160 HP + 19 kg (to its original weight 169 kg) without taking away the Push Back, same stomp power (or at least half), would have been best solution in my opinion :exclamation:

So The Claw is still a little OP (disadvantage who has none) :x:

to make it fair (to all who do not have it), it still should have less HP …

-160 HP, + 19 kg


:white_check_mark: best solution so far :white_check_mark:



Not again
Blur spoiler

Leave Claw alone.

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This is a very good and correct point… in some cases

While it does give a fighting chance to those without platinum plating- you also have to think: what happens when you give this item to those who do have platinum plating? And what about multiple platinum platings?

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100% correct :exclamation:


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Maybe it was off topic?

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Nerf it to absolute trash and no one will ever use it again and stick to the other balanced legs , problems solved

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Leave claw alone , worry about the plates.

They need a slightly change :exclamation:

A little bit “love” is needed I feel :exclamation:


Wasnt no kb and shit damage already enough?

We don’t need anymore nerfs to The Claw, or unless it will become total trash, even you can’t bear to use it :confused:

Yes, thats why I suggest a change, not a new nerf :exclamation:

  • add Push Back again
  • add some more Stomp Damage
  • add some weight + 19 kg
  • remove some HP - 160 HP

… and that item The Claw would fit perfect for a well balanced game :exclamation:


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As mentioned in Mohadib’s last post, the Claw has received nerfs according to the direction they want to push the game, and the item is now more along the lines it was envisioned as.

I think it is now balanced in terms of the HP advantage and the drawbacks.

Although I would have preferred the HP nerf and weight addition rather than the implemented nerf, it is what it is now, and I’ll accept it and move on.

The implemented nerf has also increased the relevancy of melee weapons, which is an intended consequence of the imposed nerf.

They are quite obviously not going to change this.

I’m fine with it as is.


I agree with what @Mr.E said above.

It was TS’ way to get around things cause of their “Weight & Range Update”.

No need to go on this amymore.

I honestly prefer the Claw as a good HP/weight ratio legs which is terrible in all other regards- bad (i.e. no movement), and bad (or no) stomp. Increasing the weight, lowering the HP would ruin the item from where I sit.

They should leave stomp and knockback how it is and then do -160 hp and not change the weight.

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That I like by a bit, but something tells me it’s not…

Yes, please, just add like +15 - +25 damage.


-100 is better.

Keep the claw as it is but add knockback.
A stomp with no kb hurts my brain

I love your opinion but…

But i disagree about this one.

Better to left that thing alone.

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I know but if I don’t cough Besty cough over there will copy and paste more “Quality” stuff.