The Claw - New Item Portal (12.04)


the topic says everything
new item portal for the weapon claw is live


A spider boss, this is really unexpected :open_mouth:


they look pretty dope as they r actually legs


but its a hard one
a hard portal


just finished upgrading a pair of rollers.


Fortune boxes are dropping


Claw Boss 2949 HP (Insane mode) :exclamation:



the flaming scope on the boss on insane does 1113 damage


its good but it doesnt move means it got 0 walking


Bosses barely walk…


claw cant walk
20 characters


now i want my flaming scopes back


according to best player
u can move but your opponent cannot push or pull u


Well… I can push the boss so It might not be true.


interesting item thou


to finish him off as a phys was pretty hairy. man


Impossible to run through insane mode if you don’t get 2 HP kits, and that seems to happen a lot :sweat_smile:

(I’m running a 2772 HP mech with 81 phys res if someone is wondering).


So what do we get and where? Didn’t receive any item. İ guess these will be 3 distance move legs with jump capability…
@bestplayerintheworld, did you get these Michelle?


3 runs in insane, nothing but rare items for god’s sake…


Yeah seems like the chance is really low which means its a legendary/ myth item