The choice of opponent in the arena

It is easy to understand what the opponent will be chosen against you!
1.Check top chat the presence of the player in chat by message him battle.
2.The opponent who is online and who is in your chat list close to you - this enemy will choose you the system if you will come to the arena
3. And as soon as the enemy disappeared from the chat, then he went into the arena at this time need the same to enter the arena with a probability of 99% you will fight against him!!

Please tacticsoft make the system of selecting the enemy in the arena more difficult, it is predictable… In your system, there is no random selection, your system of selecting the enemy to deceive!!!

Sory for my english-)

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Algo me hacia sospechar cuando The human hacia algo parecido a Blackman, me salían 5 energy seguidos y yo decía es imposible esto sea aleatorio, pero solo tacticsoft puede comprobar si es un bug, yo solo lo hago para saber si mi oponente esta online, porque la tabla de los que juegan en arena, nunca se actualiza correctamente, y aunque dice fulanito esta online no lo esta, y si no sale online, resulta esta online XD!

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