The campaign is harder but-

Has any of you noticed that drop rates of boxes in campaign increased? Well, I did. And yea, there is more.

As you can see, I’m level 21.

Before the charge was unlocked with level 8 (I’m maybe wrong), and now it is unlocked with level 29. If you already have a charge on your mech, it will stay, but don’t put it off, because you won’t be able to equip it again if you’re under level 29.

Also, you can unlock modules way earlier than before! I guess this is good, cuz you had to be level 24 to have 3 modules equipped (which made no sense).
This is good for me. Thanks for updating this @Sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent.

  • Is nice.
  • Is nice, but I don’t think the box drop rates in campaign increased.
  • I don’t care.
  • I don’t care, is useless for me anyway…

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I don’t know where in the blazes you got the “drop rates of boxes” from. But they most certainly have NOT increased. If anything, it went down even more. Hell I’m seeing common cards or no box at all 99% of the times. And I’m not eve over exaggerating that last bit. I’ve well over 100+ runs since (with tons of refueling and wasted tokens). Only to get minimal reward. Or none at all.

Honestly, I’m complaining (such a sin), but this really needs to be addressed. I’m getting tired of it. As many already are.

Maybe drop rates are being lowered for higher ranks

Im honestly not amazed , im just sitting anf watching just how much can the devs ■■■■ up the game and drain off more money from players to become somewhat decent.

Well 90% true. But now they are on the good way ! :slight_smile:

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