The Calculations of the new relics

Cost to fabricate an epic 35k gold , 75k gold if you are too lazy and decide to buy boxes for epics , we will use te cost if you grind alot and have alot of trash rares and commons in your inventory

4 epics needed to make one legendary = 4 x 35000 = 140000

5 legendaries = 140000 x 5 = 700000 Gold

Boost one legendary to max + Epics needed to fuse it = 250000

Mythicals evolving = 150000

700000 + 250000 + 150000 = 1 million and 100 thousand gold ( 1100000 )

50 tokens = 50000 gold

10 tokens = 10000 gold

cost of the relics = 2500 tokens = 2500000 gold

The relics cost is 2 times more than the fees it need for to boost and gather items to get make a mythical , buy this if you are too lazy to play and just to laugh at other people for being poor .


Add also to your calculation the grind time for the fussion material to creat epics to legendary, and upgrade of the lvl 40 legendary:
Grind time 10-12h(dependant on how many rare us land).
60 energy cap, it’s kind of the average among players.
Hitting a box on a run, 80% of the time, 8 mix boxes in 10 runs(i am optimistic)
Assuming that you do Ramenboy, at easy 4 energy/run.
That sums up the following:
60 energy lands you 15 runs, that sums 12 boxes, average fussion material/box 2600. Total fussion/tak of energy obtained 32k powerpoints.
epic to legendary powerpoints neded 54k powerpoints.
that is 54x 5 = 270k powerpoints.
Lvl 40 legendary =156k.
Total fussion needed for 1 myth 426k
total tanks needed 14.
30 tokens x 14 = 420.
this is just to complete the calculation.
Not ment to justify the price of the sheet offer.


buy this if you’re stupid *


Farmeando con recargas y bigboy se consigue más del autoplay, sinceramente no entiendo para que quiero una caja de 2500 tokens…

You are freaking amazing

BRUH I was calcuting it too! But I calculated it just “about” in my head. And I was calculating for using epics from the boxes and if you calculate this way - buying relics is WAY MORE overpriced. Glad to see another people with brains XD

and offtopic - still no rewards for participating in video contest -_-

Lvl 40 legendary has 165,810 power points

Much appricated for your effort in the calculations to show how much a money wasting the reics are

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I think they have some translation software that automatically converts everything into their language(evident In some of the screen shots) so no, I dont think they can see that we r typing in English

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