The bug hit again!My Premium Pack is no longer!


Unfortunately,I didn’t record it,but if you search my account you can see that,I think.

It took me all this time to get enough Titan coins only to buy a Premium Pack now AND MY INVENTORY WAS FULL AND IT DISAPPEARED!!!

Please do soemthing about this.I’m really angry now.It took me months for that pack only for it to be destroyed.And maybe fix this bug once and for all!?


Oh yeah,

it’s auto opened

I had that too… freaked out.

Turns out, the items were auto sent to inv


I didn’t notice anything,meng…


Anything in clan chat?


Hey, please, put your user ID in pm :slight_smile:


So…I guess that all this time earning titan coins just flused down the drain,after all?
I swear I’m not doing no titan again.


It automatically open it. I bought one in titan shop. Every Item went to inventory


Yes, should be in inventory :exclamation:


So a notification, that the Pack auto-opens seem needed :exclamation:



Then I guess I didn’t notice anything new?
I don’t know…But I am 75% certain that there was no new item in my inventory.

Even so,this still needs a fix.It’s been over one year,guys!!!


No,nothing.If what you guys say is,in fact,true,then that means the pack wasn’t worth opening anyways…