The boxes for sale


Yea my 1000+ tokens
58 PM
Only get 3 legendarys…


It is one good?


it can work really well on a high energy heat mech, with dual CLs.


2 box park and 2 box pre =1 mystic savary pff sh#t :rage:


How hard to get mythical plates?


I paid dearly + I worked hard in the campaign so I won almost nothing and you’re kidding me, go make yourself
beep beep beep (dirty word)


In that I was thinking just now … there are players who have 3, 5 or more of these mythical HP plates or myth resistances … how much real money do you have to invest to get them … ??

I know that in August, when update was released, there were people who got 1 of these for free … but the goodness lasted a short time.

In real money, in these 5 months, I have invested something like $ 800, and I never got any.

How much do you need to invest in the game to get 3 or 5 of these? If you live in America could you make a beautiful trip to Egypt with what you would invest in 3 myth plates?

It’s a little crazy, is not it?


it is not only two “beep”?..:rofl:


yes many full beep , I am very angry against admins, who is always looking for money ,waste of time
and then game does not progress


you are wrong
the game always progress…only not always in our direction…:slight_smile:


In life there are much more important and fun things than a flash game.


yes of course
than why did you spent $800 on it?


Yep… an average of 150 per month. It’s not too much, I think. It´s within reason.

Anyway, I already have more or less what I wanted. In fact now I´ve many items and coins and I do not have to max them.

And I don´t intend to invest thousands in looking for myth plates. I would have liked to have them, but I discovered that are impossible for me.

This update has something good. Has created mechs “forever”. Once you manage to maximize everything, you stay with that and dont try anything else. In short, you invest much less than before.


you mean with $150/ month it is IMPOSSIBLE to get myth plates???



I have not obtained any.


In addition, most of us play much less battles. Sometimes only 1 battle a day to get the reward. I don´t think it’s worth spending so much to play in campaign.


later you will understand


Yo, thanks tacticsoft


WTH lol power unit as legendary seriously!!???


I feel so truly sorry for you,my friend…