The black sheep


I am the wolf in sheep skin. :point_right::smiling_imp:


Some don’t have wool


Those are pink :joy:


Like the bald cats…


Shaven puddys?


lol … but why? someone wants to say why?

I encourage myself to speak:

  • The first time I was a black sheep was when I abandoned my career as a lawyer to be an Archaeologist. They told me I would die of hunger.

  • Then I became atheist and vegetarian, but my family supported me, although they were not.

  • I’m from the Left, when everyone around me is from the Right.

  • I have a husband, but we don´t live together all the time. I didn´t want children, the children are adorable but I cannot stand them all the time.

  • I´m part of a collective “women in black”, which works for social equality. But I don´t like all aspects or all sectors of feminism.

  • I am anti-abortionist, but Im in favor of the legalization of abortion.

I am a true dark gray sheep. But I don´t serve for wolf.


Mee too
This is me :rhinoceros:
A chubby unicorn : :rhinoceros:


Well, my great-great grandfather killed 2 people, and he was called “the black sheep” of the family

Not a joke this actually happened


We want the full story Danky.
Was he a serial killer, a soldier, bad temper???






It was a century ago, but apparently bad temper. Choked a guy to death. Then did the same to an inmate


I’m a, uh. bruh…

Padaruyos.exe has stopped working.


Why can’t I be the white sheep! My entire life I always yearn to be the white sheep. Instead, I’m the black sheep. Because I always stand out wherever I go!

I try my best to act like everyone else, to blend in unnoticed like some ninja. I’m not the social type, yet I seem to attract special attention. I just want to be normal like everyone else!

God have mercy on me… :expressionless:




It is said that those who follow the flock are stepping on shit.

Be happy! You are different.


I am curse… :expressionless: