The black sheep




Is that you?


I love the black sheep!


The outcast.


The creative, the different, those who don´t live by the opinion of others, those who take off from the ground. Those who don´t follow the flock.

How many times were you the black sheep because you were yourself?


We live in a society where intollerance is hidden behind tolerancy



Pretty much every day of my life.

I am at one with my inner black sheep now.


and then there’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing



Bottom text


It happens that “tolerance” (which obviously is better than intolerance), serves to contain apparent violence in society, but doesn´t modify the feeling of superiority of the tolerant.

Galeano said that charity is exercised vertically, from top to bottom, while solidarity is horizontal. The same goes for tolerance. Tolerance is exercised vertically and does not change the mentality of superiority or majorities (of flock).


Are you a Black Sheep or a White Sheep :question:

  • White Sheep
  • Black Sheep

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@bestplayerintheworld What about the sheep that choose not to have their colour assumed based on the colour of their wool?


What about people always try to blame the others, but never able …

  • to watch themself about their behaviour

  • to judge correct their own wrongs




I am a big fluffy unicorn


I am the gray sheep…:wink::wink::wink:



I feel like this is one of those comments that I’m probably just better off nodding and smiling about.

nods and smiles


All sheeps are grey in the end.


~ Beep beep I’m a Sheep, I said Beep Beep I’m a Sheep ~


Ive been unconventional. So I consider myself gray, but dark gray.