The bet has been sealed

We’re talking about @lordgorgon’s mechs and how he has 710 energy.
Bruce wayne said this in our discord dms :


gorgon , if you ever lose to an energy mech , Bruce wayne will buy despacito


I rooting for Gorgon’s loss.

Well, he can go and buy it.
He can also buy a t-shirt. I am probably around 50/50 against @Joeyjojojunior :slight_smile:
(That is the only one guy tho)


We of course want to see the purchase receipt :slight_smile:

you do realise that it can be easyly beaten if counterbuild against it…right?
2 ash generators, 1 grim cobra and windforge, maybe also a bigdaddy or mortal bulet, and you fry his 700+ energy easy, while staying in range 1-2, away from the pew pew pew top shooting guns.
Also pack a phis protector, and lots of hp.

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Pretty true. Even tho i woulntt say “countered easiely”, at least id get some interesting battles.
Electricians are obsessed with vaillant for mosts.
So im “ok, push me, the time to be drained youll be gone or almost”

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And why should you try so hard to build an anti-energy physicist if you can achieve the same effect with a free energy heat?

Only for curiosity…

yeah, because that was the old way of how energy was used, so for most of them, it became habbit.
But now when they face 2700+ hp, 700 en mechs…that doesnt work…because stone beats scissors.
there are wepons out there with hidden potential, i now see usefullness in sweetie builds.


Im coming from 1v1. So i started targeting rounded builds, they arent anti energy specifically. But they are pretty efficient against them.
I just like to have a fully physicist line up, with my sweet inventory i could keep this way quite efficiently.


The inventory provision is a good reason.

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altho very limited, since well 200 dmg on a phis wepon, will get you dead pretty fast, against true hard hitters of 400+ dmg.

Sweetie, yeah, good stuff in good hands (learned it the hard way).
For elecs, a dual ash, with a good starting, there is not much to be done.

Edit: mixed up with swoop. Sweetie… well, dont really know how yo use this stuff…

well, you know the saying, work with what you have, or in my case with what the customers have as materials.
I like tayloring builds for others, and teaching how to combo and use them, so that they obtain what they need.

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The problem that I am seeing now, is that there is a lot of phys that surpasses the 2700 HP.

So, if you build a phys with energy modules, obviously your HP goes down, because you only has 8 slots. So that will be protected vs. energy, but exposed vs. other phys and probably some heat.

And as 2x2 everything depends on luck when choosing the order of mechs … I don´t know. Sometimes I think the free energy heat is better …

I know i learned a lot myself from you. Buolding is probably the main driver of this game for me.
That combined with crazy stuffs in the garage.
I believe i left the nest and can make good builds on my own (i didnt share with you in a while, but you noticed in arena i assume)

Well, you are right. Tops physicists are in a race for hp at the moment, but for only one build, the anti phys. Mosts are troll builds tho, 3100hp stuffs with no engines. You pack a heat bomb and youre good to go.
I pulled out an anti heat/anti phys for them, also helps vs OP heats like yours or Metres

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My heat doesn´t overheat too much. The issue is that with arena update (and I’m going at 15% explosive damage), weapons are hitting quite hard.

But well, I have all the elements to build another good phys, so if I start to lose a lot with heat, I’ll have to change the branch.

What did I get myself into…


Well wait the receipt mate. :slight_smile:


Buy despacito nerd

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