The best physic vs The best heat (Well vs Last Wilds)





This isn’t the best physical :exclamation:

You put the heat to 535, thats why you won.

Everybody with the right moduls can do that.



Isnt Rico the best physical or something?


RICO, El Metre, Algeriano y yo, somos los mejores físicos.


Soy el mejor, porque hasta ahora todo los que han ganado a last han usado mythplates, soy el único usa placas de vida épicas de entre los mejores XD!


Big blablabla, be happy I wanted my 5th Bronze, otherwise you wouldn’t have won silver medal :exclamation:

I saw your last minute move, but …

Congratulation to your Silver Single Medal :exclamation:



Last Wilds ya no intimida a nadie XD!


Yes, but he won 5 Single Gold Medals and you 1 :exclamation:

So you should show some respect, you need to win 4 more to have same success as he has :exclamation:



nos vemos en el próximo torneo, cuando demuestres ser la mejor, te estaré esperando


You “only” need 23 more Single Gold Medals and 36 Clan Gold Medals to reach me :exclamation:

Good Luck with that = lol :exclamation:



Nadie le interesa el pasado betsy, tu eres tu, no eres el original bestplayerintheworld


Seems you are pretty confused :question:

Cos how I cannot be myself :question:




nos vemos betsy, espero verte pronto


Qué alegría! Qué alegría! Olé…olé…ola…

Cayo el hacker!!! Hacker down…!!!

Grande Well…!!!


Why you accuse LastOfTheWilds for hacking, calling him “Hacker” :question:

Are you also “Hacker” Wepsy :question:



Yes. Lastwilds/kigblinc is the best hacker in supermechs.


paz y amor, no empecemos, dejarme disfrutar Q.Q!!!


WOW … why you started hacking @Wepwawet :question:


Let’s not get hostile here. It was a nice fight.