The best of 2018 (personal valuation)


i pity you for wanting to be on a list of youtubers for a game called supermechs that is also a list for youtubers who haven’t posted in ages


My boi Nusret will know.


Hmm so many threads might as well make one,best player: @bestplayerintheworld she’s cunning in her battles she’s very smart and was one of the first to gain tons of medals and she’s nice at times.
Most respected player: @El_Metre Mr metre is a very kind person who is smart very good mech builder and very informative to people.

Most inspirational: @Mechzilla has always been very kind to everyone gives people hope and is smart and my best friend and an awesome clan leader.
most competitive: @lordgorgon this guy loves to fight is very op in the rank battles and doesnt back down from a fight and smart at winning.
Best clan leader: @HappyPoppers pop pop is good at running his clan giving hope never giving up and is kind to the ones in his clan and he’s funny at times to espically with his stories lol. I’ll post more later.


I have always seen the youtubers as those who consciously or unconsciously advertise to SM for a sandwich and a coke and sometimes for nothing. What doesn´t seem very consistent in a company that has a profit purpose.

If the company you work for told you to advertise for free, to spend hours of your time making videos to advertise it on YouTube, I’m sure 90% would not do it for free.

And you do it for SM, you work free for SM, a co. made up of people you don´t even know and that if they can take you everything they can on the game, they do it. Has no sense.


Jesus Christ you are the most arrogant person I’ve met online


Why are you pointing out things so obvious


Because it’s obvious … because it’s not good to work for free for a co. that makes thousands of dollars. This is not an NGO, it´s a for-profit company.


I’m missing a lot of people there is wayy to many youtubers to count :confused:

It’s still about the game…


Thank you buddy. We know each other long time.


kgh kgh :innocent: i wanna nominate myself for most improved f2p player of the year

or im just up in list because of 10 wins in arena?


Huge congratulation to @Miron_Mironovich and his clan Trolls Fast. They reached 2nd position and they are always there, every week. I bet that if continue to work hard will reach 1st position this year.


@Vicarious89 Thanks for the greetings … we are striving for this